Software Update: YamiPod 0.85

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YamiPod is developed to manage an Apple iPod on a Windows, Linux or Mac OS X computer. This includes copying MP3 and AAC files to and from the iPod, removing duplicate music files and importing playlists and lyrics. In addition, the program can repair the database on the iPod in case iTunes no longer recognizes it or if the iPod suddenly appears to be empty. Version 0.85 is now available with the following full list of changes:

Version 0.85:

  • [ADD] Unknown iTunes version error message shown only once
  • [ADD] Italian translation (Thanks Giacomo Margarito!)
  • [ADD] French translation (Thanks Ronan Jouchet!)
  • [ADD] German translation (Thanks Jan Scholten!)
  • [ADD] Turkish translation (Thanks Bulut Karakaya!)
  • [ADD] column widths are stored in preferences
  • [ADD] read/write lyric tag in mp3 for iPod nano and video
  • [ADD] audioscrobbler will be sent on startup if connected
  • [ADD] rename all albums/artists
  • [ADD] audio scrobbler pending and sent songs
  • [ADD] more song information are shown when copying from iPod
  • [ADD] more song information are shown when copying to iPod
  • [ADD] more song information are shown when downloading lyrics
  • [FIX] bug writing ID3 to mp3
  • [FIX] problem adding playlist in sync window
  • [FIX] improved file sync with playlists
  • [FIX] some small issues loading some settings when copying from/to iPod
  • [FIX] garbage chars in song id3 when importing to iPod
  • [FIX] improved compatibility with some unusual id3 tags
  • [FIX] nil exception when adding songs to iPod
  • [FIX] slightly faster mp3 read
  • [FIX] problem writing id3v2.2 tags
  • [FIX] initial multiple song selection problem under windows
  • [FIX] error when trying to drag files while adding songs to iPod
  • [FIX] error removing song from playlist
  • [FIX] slight speedup when saving lyrics
  • [FIX] nil exception when importing lyrics
  • [FIX] faster mp3 id3 writing
  • [FIX] a program accessed iPod while using Y error was sometimes wrong
  • [FIX] problem adding songs to shuffle
  • [FIX] error reading AAC tags
  • [FIX] unknown iTunes version after repair
  • [FIX] greatly improved latin mp3 tag decode
  • [FIX] various problems with audioscrobbler cache
  • [FIX] out of bound exception when double clicking on ALL artists/albums
  • [FIX] not enough space under win98 and winME
  • [FIX] nil exception when copying songs to iPod
  • [FIX] nil exception when copying songs from iPod
  • [FIX] issues copying m4p and m4a
  • [CHG] sliders look in mainwindow


Version number 0.85
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003
Website YamiPod
License type Freeware
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