Software Update: XPize 4 MCE RC

Anonymous: 83904 informed us that the first release candidate of XPize version 4 has just been released. When developing Windows XP, Microsoft gave the user interface a new look. However, as is often the case, it has overlooked a few things here and there. This is where XPize comes in. This program patches Windows in several places to modify icons, avi’s and bitmaps that Microsoft hasn’t updated since Windows 2000 or even longer ago. on this page several screenshots can be admired. Besides XPize there is also a special version for unattended installations called e XPize uAE. The changelog of this release looks like this:

What’s new in 4.0 RC

  • Traffic jams:
    • Added dxmasf.dll
    • Fixed xpsp2res.dll
    • Removed netcfgx.dll
  • Resources:
    • Modified icon 103 in shdocvw.dll
    • Modified bitmap 301 in batmeter.dll
    • Modified icon 203 in quartz.dll
    • Fixed .bat and .cmd 128×128 icon support
  • Miscellaneous / 3rd Party Files:
    • Added firefox.exe (128×128 icon size support)
  • Extras:
    • Added Boot Screen
    • Added Luna + Royale VS
    • Updated TaskSwitchXP to version 2.0.8
    • Removed Royale IIU VS
    • Removed Royale Lite VS
    • Removed Royale VS
  • Custom Icons:
    • Added custom PHP icon
    • Added Quicktime icons
    • Added Real Player icons
  • XPize Settings:
    • Updated to version
    • Changes can be saved / restored (permanent settings)
    • Some new options and improvements
  • Installer:
    • Unified normal XPize and uAE versions into one package
    • Added advanced switches (eg: /norestore /nouxtheme /noboot /nologon)
    • Fixed wrong deletion of files when C:\WINDOWS but X:\Program Files
    • Large portions of code rewritten and cleaned (faster, cleaner and safer)
    • Various GUI changes/improvements
    • XPize Updater renamed to XPize Reloader
    • Added UPX compression (saves space on installer)
  • uninstaller:
    • Works cleaner
  • I386 Patching:
    • Added OOBE images

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Version number 4MCE RC
Operating systems Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website MSFN forum
License type Freeware