Software update: XnView 2.46

Version 2.46 of XnView has been released. With this program, graphic files can be opened and converted in more than 500 different formats. The program is available in more than 40 languages ​​and is free for individuals and non-profit organizations. Normally there are three different versions available: a minimal version, a standard version and a complete version. The difference is in the number of supported formats and whether or not to include NConvert. NConvert has approximately the same functionality as XnView, but can be controlled from the command-line. The changelog for this edition is as follows:

Changes in version 2.46

  • JPEG2000 YCC – more info .
  • Bad loading for ARW – more info .
  • TIFF with JPEG compression – more info .
  • Adjust dialog clipped – more info .
  • PDF version 1.4 output
  • Sqlite 2.24.0
  • RLE & ICO vulnerabilities Cody Sixteen from STM Solutions
  • NConvert: stdout problem on windows – more info .