Software Update: XnView 1.82

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Although on frontpage version 1.80.3 is still reported, version 1.82 of XnView has been available in the forum on the same website for a few days now. This is probably because at the moment only the Windows version is available and the versions for Linux and Mac OS X are still pending. With this program, more than 400 different formats of graphic files can be opened and converted. XnView is free for home use and non-profit organizations and available in more than 40 languages. This release comes with the following laundry list of changes:


  • Levels + Histogram
  • “Thumbnails + labels” in view mode, and “show filename in thumb view” option
  • Option SPACE => quickslide or dir next
  • Switch mode => MiddleButton : nothing
  • Adjust dialog => hide preview
  • “Auto collapse last used folder”
  • IPTC edit add “Time Created” and “Release Time”
  • IPTC edit add “exif date taken, date digitized”, System creation date/last modification data
  • Options/Browser/Filelist/ “..”
  • Camera RAW : full size, half size, …
  • IPTC edit in context menu (full screen)
  • Send by Email
  • Option : no scroll bar in view mode
  • In properties, size in cm
  • In quick slideshow, no adjust
  • In full screen browser, add ctrl+b
  • When picture is changed, and we delete it display “The file has been changed. Do you really want to delete the file?”
  • auto levels/contrast in nconvert/multi cnv/toolbar(adjust)
  • In “change timestamp”, add/subtract date/time from exif date
  • Browser : change page from a multipage file
  • Batch rename duplicate
  • Support EXIF ​​camera RAW
  • hidden ini : OpenWithAssociatedProgram, OpenWithXnView, OpenNone
  • option resize convert to make resize based on original orientation
  • hanning filter to resize
  • Write/File Type : most used to the top
  • edit metadata/export in browser
  • set jpeg lossless comment, comment <=> iptc caption
  • Lossless clean : remove exif, iptc, thumb, …
  • BLP format
  • convert to 32 bits
  • Sort by EXIF ​​date (browser & batch rename)
  • rotation anti alias + background color
  • ‘Name (Numeric)’ in batch rename & web page
  • thumbnail for text file
  • deskew
  • Thumbnails for folder
  • PDF export
  • Page Down/Up in filmstrip mode
  • menu “File Edit View Image Filter Tools Windows” in view mode
  • open bookmark menu with F6/Ctrl+F1
  • Ignore extensions (separated by space) (par def PDF EPS PS EPSF)
  • Message before saving multi page file
  • Message before jpeg lossless rotation
  • History of convert script
  • When ‘Single click to expand folder tree’, do use underlined (treeview)
  • ShellEx : Use embedded thumbnail if available
  • ShellEx : EXIF ​​rotation
  • ShellEx : remove filename
  • Add hotkeys Alt+2, Alt+3 … for the second, third … external program
  • Add GridSpacing & GridType & KeepGridForNextPrevious as hidden ini
  • PFI (photo Filter Studio image)
  • Folder Tabs, Status bar, Toolbar at the bottom in browser menu!!
  • “Open parent folder” in context menu after a search
  • EXIF user comment => comment
  • Added View in search dialog
  • ShellEx : Set as wallpaper -> fit -> best…
  • Stretch video option in slideshow
  • JBR import added
  • Batch convert tab
  • Some entries in tab menu
  • use_cie in NConvert for ghostscript
  • option to replicate \ in filelisting
  • Import wmz/emz
  • batch convert, $ for original folder


  • date template is “Ym-d_H-MS” by default
  • Use external EXIF ​​text


  • In Batch Rename, “Case” operation should be the last, currently it’s before “Replace/With”
  • batch rename: change to last folder not full pathname
  • In copy/move dlg, hidden folder showed or not following option
  • In full screen, view update after iptc editing
  • Problem to rename a file after a searching
  • Bad sorting after search/categories
  • file size not updated after save
  • tab icon not updated after next/prev
  • bug to rename folder by changing only case
  • Description not copied after drag&drop
  • CRW orientation
  • Add text (batch convert) position center
  • ## in Web page create
  • Zoom with mouse wheel in compare dialog
  • Fix a bug for animated gif
  • Problem slideshow in 95/98
  • Problem when saving big picture
  • playbar not hidden in view mode
  • Soft image writing


Version number 1.82
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website XnView forum
License type Freeware
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