Software update: Xfire 1.126

On Monday, version 1.126 of Xfire was released. This program ensures that game enthusiasts can chat with each other both inside and outside a game via text and speech. In addition, in a number of games it is possible to take screenshots and record videos. Furthermore, extensive statistics of the performance in various games are kept, it is possible to see which games the people from the contact list are currently playing, and game patches and demos can be downloaded via the own p2p network. The changelog for version 1.126 is unusually short. For example, the stability of the Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger integration has been improved, the game Dofus is now well recognized and this time only four titles have been added to the ever-growing list of supported games added. The full release notes can be found below.

Release notes for 1.126:

  • Improved stability of Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger integration.
    • Right-click Friends Online and select Social Network Manager to add support for 3rd party messaging systems.
  • Fixed game detection for Dofus.
  • New games supported:
    • APB: All Points Bulletin Beta
    • blur
    • Camon Hero
    • Split/Second

Version number 1.126
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Website xfire
file size 6.53MB
License type Freeware