Software update: xDonkey 1.5

The eDonkey network can be used, among other things, to exchange files. In addition to the original client, eDonkey2000, an open source client named MLdonkey that works on many operating systems. The latter has gained support over the years for other networks such as Emule-kademlia, BitTorrent, Fasttrack, Gnutella and Gnutella2. On Mac OS X, MLdonkey only works as a daemon, which is why the xDonkey program was developed. This is a graphical interface written in Cocoa that allows you to fully control the mlnet daemon. The developers have released version 1.5 with the following changes:

Version 1.5:

  • [upd] Search : .rar added to search type.
  • [bug] Search : Results doubled after “Disconnect/Connect”.
  • [upd] Global : Mulus binaries (0.17.4) compatibility.
  • [upd] Global : new MLnet binaries (2.6.7).
  • [upd] Servers : Handling of preferred servers.
  • [upd] Transfers : Multiple selection from Downloads list available for Pause/Resume, Delete, Save.
  • [new] Infos : New “Client” column in source list.
  • [new] Statistics : New page for transfer rates graphical stats.
  • [new] Search : Complete source number added in “Availability” column (between brackets).
  • [new] Search : Results filter added.
  • [upd] Transfers : New calculation for remaining time.
  • [upd] Global : GUI 32 protocol integrated.
  • [new] Preferences : Download/Upload bandwidth setting.
  • [new] Global : Shared folder setting. (Daemon menu –> Shared folders).
  • [bug] Transfers : xDonkey freezes when a file being downloaded is deleted.

Version number 1.5
Operating systems macOS
Website xDonkey
File size


License type GPL