Software Update: XBMC Media Center 13.2

The final release of XBMC Media Center version 13.2 has been released. This is the last version still called XBMC, because subsequent releases will be under the new name Kodic offered. This cross platform media center software is developed for Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, AppleTV and the Raspberry Pi. Version 13.0, which has been codenamed Gotham, contains a large number of changes. For example, there are hardware decoding in Android and support for 3D material, and significant improvements have been made to the audio engine. Support for Windows XP has been dropped. Version 13.2 is a so-called bug fix release and should fix a modest collection of issues.

Fixes done in 13.2

  • Fix audio problems with pass-through on OSX
  • Crash in Android if an app is favourite, then uninstalled from system.
  • Fix crash in Android when entering programs menu in some skins
  • Bitstream conversion fix for some BD mkv iso rips
  • Fix labelcontrols with autowidth set were always marked as dirty (re-render)
  • Update included PVR add-on
  • Set “remote as keyboard” default to true for Android
  • Fix FTP TLS not working
  • Fix some disappearing characters on Mac OSX
  • Fix onplaybackstarted event for external players
  • Don’t show OSD menu DVD menu with mouse/touch
  • GetText and delete sound option for add-on developers
  • Fix wrong sample-rate selection on OSX
  • Fix optical usb devices with > 2 channels on OSX
  • Fix firewall popups in OSX on start-up
  • Make the fake full-screen option only visible when running OSX snowleopard
  • Fix overlapping subtitles
  • Fix accented letters. Example: “VARIéS” rather than “VARIÉS”
  • Prompt for master pin in case the add-on manager is locked
  • Update GUI translations
  • Update included add-ons
  • Fixed several bugs and memory leaks

Version number 13.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Android, Linux, macOS, Windows Vista, iOS, Windows 8
Website Team XBMC
File size


License type GPL