Software Update: WordPress 2.8 Beta 1

The developers of WordPress have released the first beta of version 2.8.The new version is from this server to download as a zip file. WordPress is made available under the GPL license and can be run within five minutes on a system equipped with MySQL and PHP. In addition to blogging, it is also possible to extend WordPress through plugins and give it a different look by using themes.

New to the 2.8 release series of the weblog software is a new theme installer, improved database performance, and better javascript support. An overview of all the innovations in WordPress 2.8 beta 1 can be in this document are being found. Below is the announcement of the new beta:

Download it, test it, traffic jam bug.

What’s new? All of this.

Good hunting, all you testers.

Version number 2.8 beta 1
Release status beta
Operating systems script language
Website WordPress
File size 2.24MB
License type GPL