Software update: WINventory 0.4

Mark Unwin, the developer of Windows Inventory, has released version 0.4 of his software. With WINventory, a system administrator can easily keep track of what hardware their Windows computers have and what software is installed on them. Mark had the following to say about this release:

Have altered the password setup. In config.php there is use_pass=””. Set it to ‘no’ to not use a password.
Handy for testing – you aren’t constantly inputing the password.

Included some manual input stuff on the PC Summary page – date of purchase, value, physical location, serial number & description.
Many people use serial number for internal tracking that do not correspond to the BIOS serial number, hence the duplication.

Initial work completed on a page (graphs.php) to generate a historical graph of disk usage. Have also completed the .vbs script to go with it, along with an updated MySQL database. Naturally you must have ODBC working on the system to run the disk.vbs script – so it can automatically insert the results into the database. For info on setting up a scheduled task every hour / minute / etc, see the docs page. You will need the GD Image library extension working for the graphs. See the pages for setup instructions.

Version number 0.4
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website WINventory
File size


License type GPL