Software Update: WinPatrol 32.0.2014.5

BillP Studios has released version 32.0 of WinPatrol. In this program, ‘Scotty, the Windows watchdog’ keeps an eye on the system, making it work faster and more stable. WinPatrol detects and stops spy, ad and malware attacks, viruses and malicious Internet Explorer add-ons, while also preventing home page hijacks. A few other things are also monitored, including the processes running on the PC, the hosts file, file extensions, and whether a program or process is added to the start-up list. In addition to the free version, there is also a paid one Plus variant, which provides access to a database with extensive information about programs and processes, which states, for example, whether they are safe or malicious. The release notes for this release are as follows:

WinPatrol v32.0.2014.5

Thanks to the quick reports from our dedicated fans a new release is available that resolves some errors due to a change to a new default folder. Using a new tool from Ruiware for inspecting registry data and the cooperation of folks in the Landzdown Forum we tracked down some remaining failures in the Delayed Start program list.

Other reports from the first day of downloading indicated some files from the previous BillP Studios folder we not copied to the new folder as planned. In particular, the history.txt was not copied and is useful if a startup program needed to be restored.

Version number 32.0.2014.5
Release statusFinal
Operating systemsWindows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
WebsiteBillP Studios
File size


License typeFreeware/Paid