Software Update: WinHex 12.2

WinHex is a universal hex editor that allows you to apply low-level data processing through an easy interface. It includes a RAM editor, a Data Interpreter and a Disk editor. The developers of X-Ways Software Technology have released version 12.2 with the following list of changes:

Version 12.2:

  • Ability to prepare contents tables for report purposes (forensic license only)
  • Ability to conveniently copy contents tables within the case data window (forensic license only)
  • Support for RAID 5 dynamic disks (in addition to simple, spanned, mirrored, striped, specialist+forensic license only)
  • Support for hardware RAID 0 systems (internal destriping mechanism, specialist+forensic license only)
  • Ability to map partitions in the Access button menu manually
  • Files with known extension, but unknown signature specially flagged in Attr. column (forensic license only)
  • Display of bad blocks file and name-only files in Ext2/Ext3
  • New script commands: StrToInt and Release
  • Error fixed that may have caused logical search operations to abort prematurely depending on settings
  • Various other improvements and some bug fixes

Version number 12.2
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website X-Ways Software Technology
License type Shareware