Software Update: Wine 1.7.1

A new development build of Wine has been released with version number 1.7.1. Wine is an open source implementation of the Windows API. The software makes it possible to run DOS and Windows programs on Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris, among others. A large group of developers contribute to Wine and it has been decided to release a new so-called development version every two weeks, instead of waiting for a number of new functions to be ready. A stable edition is published a few times a year. The database with applications that work under Wine, with or without the help of minor adjustments, contains 20,397 titles at the time of writing. Below you will find what has been changed and improved in this release.

What’s new in this release:

  • Support for keyed event objects.
  • Support for the “init once” synchronization mechanism.
  • Activation context support for DLLs, typelibs, and COM classes.
  • Support for loading 32-bit type libs on 64-bit.
  • Various Mac driver fixes.
  • Some fixes for serial port devices.

Bugs fixed in 1.7.1 (total 56):

  • Gazillionaire Game Background not fully drawn.
  • Popup has magenta background – should be transparent
  • Aliens Versus Predator 2 mouse axis problem
  • Problems with Webpage content in Station Launcher
  • Warlords Battlecry III crashes on exit.
  • TR4W program starts if I go into terminal mode ctrl-alt-F1 and then back to GUI ctrl-alt-f7
  • safaris welcome page crashes in d3d
  • Starcraft II has a crash on exit in win7 mode (but not XP)
  • Starcraft II – very slow on ultra shaders (fps 1/4 that in windows)
  • The Starcraft 2 Editor crashes when you open the terrain view after opening and closing the previewer.
  • unimplemented function SHLWAPI.dll.AssocGetPerceivedType (affects Windows Live Photo Gallery)
  • piwigo loader can’t connect to the net
  • Process Hacker 2.x needs ntdll.dll.NtCreateKeyedEvent
  • shdocvw/shdocvw tests show a memory leak in winemenubuilder?
  • setupapi/misc tests show a memory leak in winemenubuilder?
  • Total Commander: Incorrect character appears instead of backslash in the UI
  • MS Office 2003 install needs msi.Migrate10CachedPackagesW
  • DC++: “Select text style” in “Colors and sounds” settings crashes
  • King School computer aided course will not execute
  • Some games crash with Gstreamer issues
  • USB-over-Network installer crashes on destination folder selection (_BrowseProperty not handled)
  • Star Wars Battlefront II renders textures incorrectly on certain maps
  • GODS-Lands of Infinity: foliage of trees has graphical glitches
  • GameShield/SoftwareShield protected apps/games won’t start (SetCurrentDirectoryA calling W API causes detours recursion)
  • Eclipse (Europe) crashes when tries to display welcome window
  • Scrollbars flicker while searching in regedit
  • 1by1 player crashes by jumping to the next song
  • Age of Mythology: slow performance
  • git lastest version(1.5.10) don’t show korean text
  • kernel32.dll.InitOnceExecuteOnce needed for several MS installer (Office2013 / Windows Essentials 2012 / .NET Framework 4.5 / Skydrive / ARM Applications)
  • Borderlands 2 crash on startup (once in-game)
  • Torchlight 2 shadows are rendered incorrectly on some areas
  • vb6 fails to open project after wine’s update
  • Starcraft 2 crashes on startup
  • Batman: Arkham City missing text in launcher
  • TaxAct 2012: tax forms do not display correctly on screen
  • measuring/painting strings needs better tests
  • Trillian Basic v. Crashes when trying to launch it
  • Garena didn’t start with ADMINISTRATOR privileges
  • XNA 4 install does not recognize wine mono
  • .Net Framework 3.0 installer fails
  • Sins of a Solar Empire Font Size Regression
  • It is not drawn when specify 0 for the width and height in GdipDrawString.
  • Nullsoft installer appearance is broken
  • CGDirectPaletteRef has been deprecated so winemac.drv can’t be compiled in Mavericks.
  • -pipe makes mingw-g++ work unreliably
  • crash when creating a new wineprefix with winemac.drv
  • number.c could not compile due to “dtoa” naming conflict in Cygwin
  • strncpy C library function doesn’t compliant C standard.
  • Printing from notepad crashes
  • Louisiana Adventure Demo fails with ‘OLE error 80004001’ (HTMLStyleSheet_GetIDsOfNames is a stub)
  • native msvc* stopped working
  • League of Legends 3.10.13_07_26_19_59: page fault in read_map()
  • The Guild 2: loading screen is blank (white)
  • The Ur-Quan Masters fails to start
  • ePub DRM Removal crashes importing files

Version number 1.7.1
Release status unstable
Operating systems Linux, BSD, Solaris
Website Wine HQ
File size


License type GPL