Software Update: Windows Commander 4.53

4eyes informed us that after a few months of waiting we can use our downstream again to download a new Windows Commander. Judging by the list of innovations, not much spectacular has happened, although a better resume option is of course always useful. All in all, of course, still a handy program for the necessary file management:

  • Display of files > 2GB in Lister
  • Display of Unicode UTF-8 format in Lister
  • Resume upload to most FTP servers

  • Unpacker for the new ACE 2.0 format
  • Option to define settings file location (at install time or with a separate tool)
  • Change date/time of folders also on Windows NT/2000 (admins only due to restricted rights)
  • Many detail enhancements in the main program, the multi-rename tool, and synchronize

Version number 4.53
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website Windows Commander