Software Update: Winamp 3 Alpha 6

NoT XkorB reports that a new version of Winamp 3 is available. This is Alpha 6e, below is the list of changes:

3.0 Alpha 6 e (4/20/01) build #420

  • takes even less memory, smaller .exe, more stable (as usual)
  • playlist editor ASSERT bug smushed
  • working playlist thingy
  • fixed bug where files dropped on bottom of playlist showed up on top
  • faster window painting and resizing and shit
  • new avs with overlay support! skinning:
  • skin xml can include other skins’ xml files for tinyness
  • skin pieces can hold multiple components
  • all-in-one skin (“Compact”) included, takes up only about 5k
  • added support for horizontal animations
  • accurate animatedrects are back
  • eq latency cut to 2 seconds instead of 7
  • eq has sexy curves again!
  • skin scripts can have user functions and user classes
  • automatically updated build numbers to aid conspiracy theorists
  • http status messages added


You can also download the 1 MB here find.

Version number 3.00 Alpha 6
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website CD Freaks