Software Update: Winamp 3 Alpha 3

nDr was the first to report that Alpha 3 from Winamp here can be loaded. The previous Alpha I read a few days ago was still quite buggy, hopefully the fixes below will change that:

– uses WAY less cpu when playing files.

– packaged with latest SuperPimp.

– volume is now saved.

– optimized visual animations (sound analyzer, etc…)

– “Report bugs” option in system menu – gamma component! (warning: does not actually tweak gamma)

– LOTS of bug fixes including:

– skin switching 99% works!

– crossfading fixed and can now crossfades mono streams

– avs fixes

– song name display fixed

– audio playback system fixed

– playlist editor time display fixed

Version number Alpha 3
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website VoodooExtreme