Software Update: Winamp 2.73

jaspov wrote first that Nullsoft has finished an update of Winamp. After a number of alpha versions of Winamp 3, the second version is now due for an overhaul. itself does not report anything about 2.73, but the program can already be downloaded from a number of other sites. Unfortunately, the release notes show that few major changes have been made regarding the basic functionality:

  • smaller main winamp.EXE
  • new AVS version with larger interface
  • seeking for HTTP/1.1 streamed MP3 files
  • improved mini browser functionality
  • updated versions of MOD and MIDI plug-ins (thanks Jake and PP)
  • made out_wm smaller (32k->7k)
  • updated to newer, more efficient installer (1.1i)
  • Version number 2.73
    Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
    Website 3D Files