Software update: Winamp 2.7

After countless betas and release candidates, Nullsoft has finally released 2.7 final. A pretty big update, as you can see from the release notes:

  • mp3 decoder: better tag editor, bug fixes
  • mod decoder: too much to list. much revised. for more info.
  • much improved CDDA (Faster, less crashy)
  • waveout output plugin bug fixes
  • new directsound output plug-in (very charming)
  • many optimizations and bugfixes to AVS – this version is quite fast.
  • faster playlist loading, faster playlist editing on large lists
  • windowshade visualization now has spectrum analyzer instead of (crappy) VU meter.
  • improved that old issue of what happens when you delete the playing file in the playlist.
  • made credits less problematic (and more time based, less frame based, no more crashing)
  • made multiple-instance handling handle running with different command lines better
  • return of classic demo.mp3
  • sped up exit process some
  • many other small fixes and refinements
  • nsis 1.0 installer ( for more info)

Version number 2.7
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website nullsoft