Software Update: Winamp 2.7 RC6

After the many beta versions that we keep an eye on in this and this post, Nullsoft seems to be almost ready for the final version of Winamp 2.70 with this first release candidate, which unless things go crazy gets these release notes:

  • [rc4]
    • fixed relative pathnames in playlist loading
    • much improved direct sound
    • slightly improved waveout plug-in (ugh)
  • [rc3]
    • fixed mp3 decoder’s redirect bug
    • made multiple instance handling better with diff command lines
    • new dsound output plug-in
    • returned the mci midi plug-in
  • [rc2 – delete before release]
    • should have fixed shoutcast streaming in in_mp3.dll (let me know, try 2)
    • fixed a few bugs in avs
    • updated credits (I know this is unnecessary, but it’s fun)
    • removed PP’s MIDI plug-in, left out ours (midi sucks, might not include it in 2.7)
    • fixed IE5.5 mime type registration (it won’t unregister from previous versions though)
  • [rc1 – delete before release]
    • made credits interactive to music based on vis mode
    • should have fixed shoutcast streaming in in_mp3.dll (let me know)
    • fixed a id3v2 writing bug (1.mp3 example on the boards)
    • included pp’s directmusic plug-in (woo midi that doesn’t suck!
  • mp3 decoder: better tag editor, bug fixes
  • mod decoder: too much to list. much revised. for more info.
  • faster playlist loading, faster playlist editing on large lists
  • windowshade visualization now has spectrum analyzer instead of (crappy) VU meter.
  • improved that old issue of what happens when you delete the playing file in the playlist.
  • sped up exit process some
  • made credits less problematic (and more time based, less frame based)
  • new waveout output plugin build
  • new directsound output plug-in build
  • better MIDI support (most of it is done in another thread to keep the interface from hanging)
  • return of classic demo.mp3[break]I’ll update this post when new versions come out, thanks Unknown_ for the tip that RC0 was out, and again for RC1 . Update: RC2 is out. Update: RC3 is out. Update (*yawn*) RC4 . Update: We missed 5, here’s RC6.

Version number 2.7 RC6
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website FileFlash