Software Update: Winamp 2.7 Beta 6

A somewhat remarkable update from Winamp today. We’re not used to Nullsoft releasing Beta versions, but FileFlash today released a (leaked?) Beta 6 of version 2.7. Although there is nothing about it on the Nullsoft site, it is stated in the release notes:

  • todo: make windowshade vis more configurable
  • todo: give CDDA more love.
  • [b6] made id3 editor have a dirty check to see if it should even bother trying to write the file. also made read only handling slightly better.
  • [b6] made credits more stable (hopefully — I’m about ready to delete them altogether)
  • [b5] sped up credits (reduced polygon count a lot) and made a nicer texture for the ball
  • [b5] reduced size of mp3 decoder by using winamp.exe’s zlib (this means compressed id3v2 tags won’t work with this dll and winamp exes prior to 2.7b5)
  • mp3 decoder: better tag editor, bug fixes
  • mod decoder: too much to list. much revised. for more info.
  • faster playlist loading, faster playlist editing on large lists
  • windowshade visualization now has spectrum analyzer instead of (crappy) VU meter.
  • improved that old issue of what happens when you delete the playing file in the playlist.
  • sped up exit process some
  • made credits less problematic (and more time based, less frame based)
  • new waveout output plugin build
  • new directsound output plug-in build
  • better MIDI support (most of it is done in another thread to keep the interface from hanging)
  • return of classic demo.mp3[break]I also checked it myself, of course, the 544KB installer reported that it upgrades 2.666 to 2.7b6, so I don’t know if it works for people who haven’t downloaded 2.666 yet. I haven’t had any problems with it so far, and the above list of changes is probably a reason for many people to upgrade.[/break]

Version number 2.7 Beta 6
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website FileFlash