Software Update: WiFiFoFum 2

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Aspecto Software released a new WiFiFoFum yesterday in the form of version 2 released. WiFiFoFum is able to scan nearby wireless networks and display information from these networks, the so-called ‘war driven’, but without a car. WiFiFoFum 2 can be downloaded as cab and msi file. The first download can be placed directly on a PDA with Pocket PC 2003 or WIndows Mobile 5 installed, while the second download consists of the program and Compact Framework 2.0 and can be installed on the PDA via ActiveSync. Version 2 comes with the following release notes:

This version makes use of the latest features of .NET CF to give you the highest performance for war driving. With this version you can be confident your GPS logged coordinates for the networks you find are highly accurate, and can rely on a smooth user interface experience.


  • List view showing information such was WEP, SSID, MAC, signal strength(RSSI), latitude, longitude and location precision (HDOP)
  • Radar view conveys distance to access points
  • Save, load and merge XML files
  • Export to text, Wi-scan, Tom Tom POI, MemoryMap and Netstumbler (ns1) formats
  • Choose between Pocket PC 2003 toolbar or WM5 soft button look and feel
  • Aggressive scanning mode to find even more access points
  • New network found pop-up blocker
  • Supports all wired and bluetooth GPS devices that use the NMEA protocol
  • Compatible with every WiFi card and Pocket PC device available (C-Guys SD card users need to use the NDIS compatible driver)

System Requirements:

  • Compact Framework 2.0
  • A device running Pocket PC 2003, 2003 SE or Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC edition

[break] A list and radar map of wireless networks generated by WiFiFoFum.

Version number 2
Website Aspect Software
File size


License type Freeware
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