Software Update: WebGUI 7.6.31

WebGUI is a content management system and application framework with which a website can be managed and set up without the need for extensive technical knowledge. The package includes a photo album, a weblog, a forum, an RSS feed generator and a soap frontend. The developers have released version 7.6.31 in the stable branch and provided the following list of changes:

Version 7.6.31:

This release fixes a long standing bug with editing a page. Immediately after editing a page, there were no editing controls or drag bars. This has been fixed. All page layout templates now use H2 tags, instead of a random smattering of H1 and H2. Comments added to a wiki now show linebreaks in HTML. The If macro will now consider a value of 0 as false. Exceptions from the Shop are now proper subclasses of WebGUI::Error, so exceptions will be caught. Some sites that hand modified the user profile table could not create new User Profile fields. This bug has also been fixed.


  • fixed #10610: editing a page and editing goes away
  • fixed: Exceptions from WebGUI::Exception::Shop
  • fixed #10579: H1 vs H2 in PageLayouts
  • fixed #10629: WebGUI::ProfileField create new field bug
  • fixed #10626: Carriage returns stripped from Wiki comments
  • fixed #10630: If macro says that 0 is true

Version 7.6.30:

The biggest bug fix in this release has to do with iCal feeds. Our iCal code is now tested and much more robust and correct than before. If a snippet was empty, then it would ask you to add a page with the same URL that it uses. This has been fixed. Empty snippets now just send you no content. There was a bug fixed in the 7.6.25 to .26 upgrade having to do with cleaning out old AddressBooks. Unless you use the Shop and have users who have deleted their accounts you will not come across this bug. The Collaboration System is now more tolerant of UTF-8 characters when autogenerating a synopsis. A rendering issue was fixed in the Thingy where the Cancel and Submit buttons were hidden.


  • It was mistakenly reported that 7.6.29 would be a stop version for upgrades. This is incorrect. 7.6.29 is not a stop version.


  • fixed #10602: Calendar feed importing extra characters.
  • fixed: Internationalize Event edit form error messages.
  • fixed #10605: Upgrade 7.6.24-stable to 7.6.29-stable
  • fixed #10607: snippets empty
  • fixed #10601: Edit field in Thing: no submit button
  • fixed #10612: strange i18n, with regard to label
  • fixed #9935: German characters in Collaboration System

Version 7.6.29:

This release has two important fixes for the Calendar. A bug with importing iCal data was fixed, where the CalendarUpdateFeeds workflow would ignore the last line. The datepicker was also fixed, so that multiple datepickers on a page do not leak dates between each other. There is also a bug fix for error handling during EMS imports, and inconsistent metadata handling between assets.


  • Due to changes in the userSession database table, you must upgrade to 7.6.29 before upgrading beyond this version.
  • WebGUI has allowed metadata possible values ​​to be processed differently by Posts than from other Assets. This causes problems when metadata is shared between Posts and other Assets. To rememdy this, all metadata possible values ​​are being moved into the standard “pipe format”, and the Post will no longer process data in the other format.


  • fixed #10549: EMS import
  • fixed #10574: Creating Calendar Entry
  • fixed #10522: Metadata value & label problem
  • fixed #10594: iCal title display error.

Version number 7.6.31
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, UNIX
Website Plain Black Corporation
License type GPL