Software Update: Waterfox G3.0.1

Last week the third generation of Waterfox was released and now the first update has appeared. Waterfox is a web browser based on the source code of Firefox. The project was started in 2011 by the then sixteen-year-old Alex Kontos and was one of the first 64-bit browsers on the market. There are two versions of the browser available. Waterfox G3 is based on Firefox ESR78 with various optimizations, has no plug-in whitelist and does not send telemetry to Mozilla or Waterfox. The release notes for this release can be found below.

Waterfox G3.0.0 – Third Generation Release

Welcome to the Third Generation of Waterfox! After many months of work, it is now available for general release.

I updated from Current to G3.0.0 and my data is missing! Does this update fix it?

Yes, although it won’t do it automatically. Unfortunately there was an issue with the update to G3.0.0 that meant a small set of users could not use their old profile data. If you are one of the users and would like to use your old profile, please type about:profiles in the address bar and do either of the following:

  • Locate your old profile and click the “Set as default” button. Restart Waterfox and voilà – your old profile should now have loaded with all your data intact!
  • If “Set as default” doesn’t appear, you can click the “Launch profile in new browser” button. Close your old browser window. ONLY DO THE NEXT PART IF AFTER UPGRADING TO G3.0.1, THE NEW EMPTY PROFILE KEEPS LAUNCHING. In the new browser window that opened, head to about:profiles and delete the profile that was created when you upgraded to G3.0.0 (most likely named {Random}.68-default-edition).
  • What’s new in G3.0.1?


    • Fixed an issue where users would upgrade and their old profile would not be used.
    • Fixed an issue where users could not change their default profile.
    • Fixed an issue where add-ons were not correctly initialising, causing browser instability.
    • Fixed an issue where the incorrect update channel was being used (no user changes needed).


    • Re-implemented the Dark and Light Photon themes.
    • Added user agent overrides for various websites that do not recognize Waterfox, including: Netflix, WhatsApp Web, Chase bank, Swedbank and Amazon Prime Video.

    Version number G3.0.1
    Release status Final
    Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
    Website waterfox
    File size


    License type Freeware