Software Update: War Thunder 1.89 “Imperial Navy”

War Thunder is a cross platform military mmo game. In it, players battle each other in teams with airplanes, armored vehicles and warships from the Second World War and the Cold War. The game is free to play, but uses microtransactions, so you can buy better vehicles, for example. For more information and player experiences, please refer to this topic on our Forum. The developers have released version 1.89 with the following changes:

Meet update 1.89 “Imperial Navy”

Imperial Japanese Navy, new naval vessels, ground vehicles, aircraft and helicopters, two new locations, updated clouds plus numerous fixes and updates for existing machines and game mechanics. This and much more awaits you in update 1.89 “Imperial Navy”!

  • Imperial Japanese Navy – 24 new ships!
  • New Helicopters!
    • Japanese AH-1S
  • 10 new tanks!
    • USA – ADATS
    • Japan – Type 16
    • Germany – FlaRakPz 1
    • Italy – Ariete, OF-40 (MTCA)
    • USSR – Shturm-S
    • France – Leclerc, Roland 1, AMX-30 Super
    • Great Britain – Stormer HVM
  • 8 new planes!
    • USA – A2D-1 (Premium), AM-1
    • Germany – Me 264
    • Great Britain – Hunter F.6
    • Italy – Re.2002 Early
    • France – F-86K
    • USSR – Yak-3U
    • Japan – J5N1

New locations and missions

  • New location “Smolensk” with appropriate aircraft missions has been added.
  • Aircraft and helicopter “Enduring Confrontation” in location “Afghanistan” has been added.
  • Naval location “Volcanic Island” has been added.
  • New naval missions in the locations “Green mountains gulf” (boats), “Black Sea Port” (boats) and “Fuego islands” (boats) have been added.

Location and mission updates

  • The models of buildings in Sicily and Malta have been updated.
  • Balance of the capture zones in Alaska has been corrected.
  • Roads and bridges have been added to the location “Afghanistan”.
  • Ramps, fords and tracks into the water in the “Port Novorossiysk” location have been fixed.
  • The assets on airfields in Berlin and Sicily have been visually improved.
  • The models of fort buildings on Malta have been visually improved.
  • New models for the bombing of bases will be used in the mission “Operation” Smolensk.

Enduring Confrontation

  • The number of active airfields has been increased to 6 for each team.
  • On the EC location “Afghanistan”, ground vehicles will be deployed with a detailed DM under the control of Soviet and US AI depending on the rank of the battle. For example in Rank I battles, players will need to destroy T-26 and M2 Stuart vehicles and in Rank V battles, T-54 and Patton III vehicles.


  • The visibility in the research tree of event vehicles which are available for purchase on the market has been added on the PC version of the game (not available for the consoles).
  • The displayed warning regarding the impossibility of retracting landing gear when using suspended boosters has been fixed.

Game mechanics

  • New game mode “World War” has been launched as OBT. In this game mode players can participate in the reconstruction of famous historical battles. In the first season “Recon under Fire” which will last until the 10th of June you will be able to participate in the “Battle of Vitebsk”, Operation “Nordwind”, “Battle for Caen” and “Second Battle of El Alamein”.
  • The ability to hit ATGMs whilst in flight as well as moving torpedoes, bombs and un-guided aircraft missiles with a direct hit from weaponry, shells as well as with the effects of explosions (shockwave and fragments in the air and water) has been added . Bombs with delayed fuse mode enabled already dropped of surfaces (ground) are also subject to all these factors.
  • The algorithm for anti-aircraft missile guidance has been reworked. Now, when the missile is aimed at a target, the control system will keep the missile on the line of sight itself. The target locking accuracy depends on the angular velocity of the target, the distance to it (course parameter) and the maneuverability of the missile. There is no need to manually pre-aim by moving the line of sight in front of targets that have a low angular velocity.
  • New types of sensors – passive optical systems, have been added. Such types of sensors will not be detected by radar warning system indications and can detect and track targets covertly. These systems have been implemented on the Stormer HVM – ADAD (Air Defense Alerting Devices) and Bradley ADATS (Air Defense Anti-Tank System). Passive detecting systems can only provide direction for the detected target. The measured range to the target it must be taken into account.
  • Possibility of launching the AGM-114B missile in LOAL (Lock-on After Launch) mode has been added. To operate in this mode the player needs to turn on the target pointer and point it towards the target and launch the missile. The initial point on the surface of where the sights are aimed at will be selected as the coordinates for the inertial guidance system of the missile. After the launch, the target designation can be switched off for the duration of the missile’s flight and on just before it hits the target.
  • The mechanics of air and ground-based radars have been reworked. The following features have been added:
    • Target tracking errors have been added. For example: surface-to-air missiles of Tunguska have a maximum range of 8 km. In real life at this distance its tracking radar has a tracking error over two times greater than the radius of the missile proximity fuse and kill radius as well. The only way to increase hit probability is to use the optical sight.
    • “Multipath” effect has been added. Radar signal that is reflected from the target and re-reflected from the surface and appears to come from underground is indistinguishable from the signal of the target. The effect occurs when a target flies at altitudes less than 100 m (and will increase as flight altitudes decrease) which will lead to errors when measuring elevation angles – the tracking radar is looking below the target. In this case it is also recommended to switch to optical sight tracking.
    • Ground clutter has been added. Early fighter radar stations were not able to detect targets because of strong ground reflections. This effect depends heavily on the altitude of the fighter aircraft and the elevation of the radar beam. At low altitudes, the radar stations were blind. The targets under the fighter were poorly detected, or not detected at all.
  • Respawn costs (Spawn points) for ground vehicles of BR 8.0 and higher have been changed:
    • Helicopters without ATGMs have been reduced by 15-20%.
    • Helicopters with ATGMs have been reduced by 15-20%
    • For aircraft above BR 8.0, spawn costs have been reduced to the same values ​​as aircraft of BRs lower than 8.0.
    • For all aircraft and helicopters, the costs of spawning is now linked to the BR of the vehicle (same as onBRs lower than 8.0).
  • Respawn costs in ground battles RB for the following vehicles have been changed:
    • Flakpanzer I: reduced by 2 times.
    • OTOMATIC: increased by 2 times.
    • M3 Bradley: reduced by 25%.
  • The possibility to choose air respawn point for helicopters has been switched off in ground RB.
  • A vessel’s ability to escape from a shoal in naval battles has been improved.

And many other awesome features and changes in new update 1.89 “Imperial Navy!”.

Version number 1.89 “Imperial Navy”
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website War Thunder
License type Freeware/Paid