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Version 4.1 of the web browser Vivaldi has been released. Vivaldi is a web browser developed by former Opera employees. He mainly focuses on power users and users of Opera before the switch to Chromium, although this browser is also based on it. Vivaldi has extensive capabilities such as mouse gestures, tab stacking, extended keyboard shortcuts, and annotation on web pages. The browser is free and is being developed for Windows, Linux and macOS, and since version 3.4 also for Android. The main improvements made in this release are listed below:

Tab Stacks, a variety of sorts

We love Tab Stacks. We also love options. Choose from three different Tab Stack styles: Compact, Two-Level (Double-Decker tabs), and now Accordion.

Play the Accordion Tabs, your way

Enable the Accordion Tabs in Settings → Tabs. Prefer your accordions to stay open? Use the arrow button. For full control, turn off Auto-Expand in the settings.

The ultra-cool Command Chains

Command Chains run multiple actions – such as opening a few websites and tiling (split-screen view of tabs) them automatically – all in just one go! Choose from 200+ browser commands to build your own shortcuts, workflows, and browser modes, improving your productivity.

Roll your commands

Literally endless possibilities! Create as many Command Chains as you like. Trigger the group of commands as a Chain from Quick Commands (click F2 or Command E), or assign the Chain a custom Keyboard Shortcut or Mouse Gesture. Add Command Chains to the fully customizable Menus.

Version number 4.1.2369.11
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Android, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Vivaldic
License type Freeware
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