Software update: Visual Studio Code 1.22

 Visual Studio Code is an open source code editor with support for IntelliSense debugging Git and code snippets . Support for the common scripting and programming languages ​​is present and it can also be expanded via extensions . Microsoft has released version 1.22. The corresponding list of modifications is as follows:

March 2018 (version 1.22)
Welcome to the March 2018 release or Visual Studio Code. There are a number of significant updates in this version that we hope you like, some of the key highlights include:

  • Syntax aware code folding – Adds improved folding for CSS, HTML, JSON, and Markdown files.
  • Cross-file error, warning and reference navigation – Move quickly around your workspace.
  • New Hint suggestions – Makes it easy to spot suggested fixes or refactorings in the editor
  • Convert to ES6 refactoring – New Code Actions to convert to ES6 classes and modules
  • Auto attach to process – Automatically attach the debugger to running Node.js processes. [19659005] Logpoints – Inject logging without changing source code or restarting your debug session.
  • Better large file support – Faster syntax highlighting and free memory for very large files.
  • Multi-line links in the terminal – Paths and URLs can span lines in the Integrated Terminal.
  • Emmet wrap preview – Live preview for Emmet’s wrap with abbreviation functionality.
  • Improved updates on Windows – Automatically updates in the background for less downtime. 59005] Preview: Organize JS / TS imports – Remove unused and sort remaining imports.

The release notes are available in the following sections. Here are some further updates:

  • Editor – Emmet performance and smart matching improvements, new snippet Date variables
  • Workbench – Smoother scrolling on Windows, automatic save during Search and Replace
  • Debugging – Improved Node.js process picker, postDebugTask in launch. json
  • Tasks – Better command and argument quoting and escaping support
  • Languages ​​- Easier IntelliSense in JSDocs, CSS path completion
  • Extension Authoring – Long running operations with cancellation, add related information to diagnostics