Software Update: Virtual Magnifying Glass 2.32

Virtual Magnifying Glass is, as the name suggests, a magnifying glass to enlarge the image on your desktop. Indispensable for the visually impaired among us, but also useful when someone is watching your screen and the resolution is set very high. The big advantage of this program over the standard Microsoft Magnifier is that it has a ‘floating’ magnifying glass instead of a separate window in which the magnification is displayed. Version 2.32 has recently become available and has, among other things, received support for higher resolutions. The changelog therefore looks like this:

  • Added 1280 and 1600 width options
  • Added tickmarks to the crosshairs
  • Escape key now closes the magnifier window
  • Spacebar toggles crosshairs and rgb box

Version number 2.32
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website sourceforge
File size


License type GPL