Software Update: USB Drive Letter Manager

A new version of USB Drive Letter Manager has been released. This versatile program allows you to manage USB devices. For example, it is possible to assign drive letters only when a medium is inserted into the drive, which is useful for multi-card readers. You can also specify which drive letters may or may not be assigned, depending on the type of USB device, the size of the drive, the USB port used, and the name of the volume. In addition, the application indicates by means of a speech bubble in the system tray which device or volume has been added to the system with which drive letter. More information can be found in this instruction manual are being found.

USB Drive Letter Manager is free for private and educational use, but companies and organizations are required to pay a fee. In version, the following changes and improvements have been made:


  • Setting SafeCommandLines to reject ambiguous open= command lines
  • UsbDriveInfo warns for command lines which contain spaces but the executable not quoted
  • “BadUSB” blocking: On arrival of an USB keyboard or network device USBDLM can ask the user if this is ok

Bug fixed:

  • Since V4.5.9 OnUserLogon section executed for the first user only logged on at the same time
  • Since V4.8.7 on arrival of a drive the drive letter was removed for a short moment even is was not required
  • Since V4.8.7 newly attached volumes not handled correctly if the was other volume with an identical device ID attached before
  • Since V4.8.7 the USB port criteria was not reliable
  • When registering as Windows service by means of the Windows API function CreateService USBDLM passed the path to the USBDLM.exe in the parameter lpBinaryPathName unquoted even it contains spaces. Despite the name of the parameter the Service Control Manager resolves it as a command line, thus with C:Program FilesUSBDLMUSBDLM.exe it would execute an existing C:Program.exe with system previleges. The MSI did it right. USBDLM corrects the path without a reinstall.

The following downloads are available:
USB Drive Letter Manager (zip)
USB Drive Letter Manager (msi)
USB Drive Letter Manager (64bit, zip)
USB Drive Letter Manager (64bit, msi)

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website Uwe Sieber
File sizes

733.00KB – 849.00KB

License type Freeware