Software update: UltraEdit 21.20

IDM Computer Solutions has released version 21.20 of UltraEdit. This one multifunctional text editor can handle plain ascii text, but hexadecimal files and html files are no problem either. Furthermore, the program has features such as macros, vertical block selection, syntax highlighting, a built-in ftp client and spell checker in various languages. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Changes in version 21.20:

  • Column mode editing / drag ‘n drop
  • Quick column mode
  • Hide / show lines and code folding
  • Folding for block comments in HTML
  • Scripted find / replace
  • Perl regular expression find/replace
  • Find in files with customized output format
  • Shebang detection for syntax highlighting
  • Compare files (UC Lite)
  • Mixed line terminator handling
  • Open file under caret via context menu
  • word wrap
  • Undo/redo
  • hex mode
  • Themes and user interface
  • Menu access via key accelerators
  • OEM and special character input
  • File and selection sort
  • CSS color tooltips
  • Project and workspace reload
  • Status bar
  • FTP connectivity and transfer issues
  • Scrolling via mouse wheel in FTP dialogs
  • Stability and performance

Version number21.20
Release statusFinal
Operating systemsWindows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8
WebsiteIDM Computer Solutions
File size


License typeShareware