Software Update: UltraEdit

IDM Computer Solutions released version 16.10 of its multifunctional text editor UltraEdit. UltraEdit can handle plain ascii text, but hexadecimal and html files are no problem either. It also has features such as macros, vertical block selection, syntax highlighting, a built-in ftp client and spell checker in various languages. Performance improvements can be observed in version 16.10, among other things. The full changelog shows the following changes and improvements:

Changes in UltraEdit version 16.10:

  • Major performance advancements
    • 2x faster startup time *
    • 2x faster file load time
  • Expanded Code Folding Options
    • New graphical fold lines
    • Configurable/color enabled matched brace highlighting
  • New interactive replace in files
    • Incremental step through each matched directory/file
    • Accept or ignore file, folder, or all
  • Project-specific macro autoload
  • New scroll wheel zooming (CTRL + mouse wheel): increase/decrease font size on the fly…
  • Write/debug scripts faster with new variable dump (var_dump) function
  • FTP Account sharing between UltraEdit/UEStudio/UltraCompare: set and forget FTP account information
  • Sort faster and easier: sort keys now auto-populate from column mode selection
  • XHTML/HTML 5 support in tag list and word files
  • Plus extended maintenance/performance improvements on core features
    • Enhanced Unicode Support: improved handling of file names/paths with Unicode characters
    • Numerous Macro/Scripting enhancements
    • Numerous display improvements
    • Enhanced File Open/File Save
    • Win 7 compatibility improvements
    • Improved Spell Check functionality including better handling of accents and mixed case
    • Several File Tree View updates
    • Faster and more efficient function list when switching between files
    • Improvements for working with FTP/SFTP files via user tools or command line
    • Improved German localization support: several cosmetic/localization enhancements

* Speed ​​test performed on Windows 7 32bit, using ~20 syntax-highlighted files stored on local drive. Results may vary.

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website IDM Computer Solutions
file size 15.40MB
License type Shareware