Software Update: UltraEdit

IDM Computer Solutions has released an update of its multifunctional text editor UltraEdit. The editor is now at version number UltraEdit can handle plain ascii text, but hexadecimal files and html files are no problem either. It also has features such as macros, vertical block selection, syntax highlighting, a built-in ftp client and spell checker in various languages. Since the previous entry in the Meuktracker, another update has appeared, so here’s the changelog as well:

Issue Fixed in

  • Updated HTML and CSS word files to meet current standards
  • Added a few new file extensions for XML and HTML highlighting
  • Updated PHP function strings to support more function formats
  • Updated Java function strings for more accurate results in function list
  • Improved speed and performance of code folding with many files open
  • Spell As You Type now respects ignore options
  • Fixed issue where macro stops playing if Find string isn’t found
  • Fixed issue where playing quick recorded macro to end of file causes application hang
  • Function list background color now respects background color setting for child windows
  • Improved performance of function list when “unloading” functions after switching from a large file
  • Fixed issue where function list only returns one parameter for a .c (c/c++) file.
  • Fixed issue where upper-ascii characters in function list cause the function name to be truncated
  • Fixed issue where decryption fails silently if scratch disk is full
  • Fixed issue where folding guides do not update when deleting lines by selecting them in the margin and pressing Backspace or Del
  • Fixed a couple of Line Change Indicator issues with Replace
  • Fixed issue where Line Change Indicator doesn’t update after saving to FTP
  • Fixed issue where columnar selection is lost when replacing in selected text
  • Fixed issue where XML Convert to CR/LFs works on read-only files but does not reindent
  • Fixed some minor translation issues in localized dialogs
  • Other minor improvements and enhancements

Issue Fixed in

  • Fix for Find in Files not working in some cases
  • Fix for Spell Check As You Type causing an error prompt displaying “The parameter is incorrect”

Version number 16.00.1040
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website IDM Computer Solutions
File size 15.30MB
License type Shareware