Software Update: Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.7.1

The Windows Club has released version 4.7.1 of Ultimate Windows Tweaker. With UWT, a large number of Windows settings can be easily adjusted. In this way, the appearance, behavior, performance and security of Windows can be customized to your own taste. Version 4 of UWT is for Windows 10, where version 3 is for Windows 8 and 8.1, and version 2 for Windows Vista and 7. This release includes the following changes and improvements:

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.7.1 changelog:

  • Windows 10 v1909 Support
  • Disable Bing web search results.
  • Tweak descriptions have been updated throughout the software to make things more clear.
  • Bug Fix: “Hide Windows Defender Icon From Notifications Area”
  • Restore Defaults option is no longer available. The reason behind this is every major update of Windows 10 brings a lot of changes to default settings. Configuring them for separate version may create bugs which are difficult to be found and fixed.
  • UWT 4.7.1 includes a minor bug fix.

Version number 4.7.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 10
Website The Windows Club
File size 281.00KB
License type Freeware