Software Update: Ultimate Boot CD 5.3.9

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Version 5.3.9 of Ultimate Boot CD was released recently. Ultimate Boot CD is a collection of open source and freeware programs intended for finding and solving mainly hardware problems. The complete list of tools is up this page to find. The iso will be as bittorrent or http-download offered and is 800MB in size. Since version 5.3.7, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Changes in version 5.3.9

  • Downgraded SeaTools for DOS (GUI) to V2.22 at Kaur Kuut’s recommendation. Apparently the only feature introduced in V2.23 was long test timeout failure, but that prevents large capacity HDDs from completing the long generic test. Seagate subsequently removed this feature in SeaTools for Windows V1.4.0.2, but never did for SeaTools for DOS V2.23.
  • Updated Parted Magic to 2013_08_10. Thanks to James LaBarre for the tip.
  • Updated photorec, testdisk and identify to v7.1 through new module.
  • Updated Q&D Unit Clone to V1.1r. Thanks to author for the update.

Changes in version 5.3.8

  • Added CPUID V2.19.
  • Replaced with Thanks to Kevin96AT for the suggestion.
  • Updated ASTRA to V6.50.
  • Updated g4u to V2.6.
  • Updated HDClone to V7.0.2.
  • Updated PCISniffer to V3.0.0.
  • Updated Q&D Unit Clone to V1.1q. Thanks to author for the update.
  • Updated Q&D Unit/Track/Head/Sector to V1.3j Thanks to author for the update.
  • Updated Q&D Vital Data Manager V1.4h. Thanks to author for the update.

Version number 5.3.9
Release status Final
Website Ultimate Boot CD
File size


License type GPL
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