Software Update: Tweak-7 1.0 build 580 RC1

After five beta releases and an almost continuous stream of intermediate versions, TotalIdea Software released the first release candidate of Tweak-7 on Friday. This tweaking program is the Windows 7 counterpart of Tweak-XP Pro and TweakVI, which are intended for Windows XP and Vista respectively. Tweak-7 works from the official release candidate (build 7100) of Windows 7 and can handle both 32bit and 64bit versions of the operating system. Since the previous entry in the Meuktracker, there have been the necessary expenses again and as you are used to from us, we have given all the changes since then:

Changes in version RC1 Build 580:

  • Fixing a minor issue in a file size calculation function where a wrong file size abbreviation was loaded from the current language file
  • Fixing some localization issues
  • Lots of code cleanup and optimization
  • Some changes to the setup application

Changes in version Beta 5 Build 578:

  • Fixing a rare issue that occurred in the ‘Registry Defrag’ feature if the ‘Arial’ font was missing on the target system
  • Added some additional error handlers catching issues caused by corrupted memory
  • Several changes in the ‘Auto Shutdown’ feature related to some behavior and functionality changes
  • Improved ‘Registry CleanUp’
  • Several changes to the setup application
  • ‘Start Tweak-7’ option removed from the setup: Tweak-7 was executed with elevated rights if started by the setup. We did not like that, so we removed that. 🙂
  • Successfully tested on several Windows 7 71xx builds and pre RTM 72xx builds

Changes in version 577 Rebuild setup:

  • The setup now checks if there are any compatibility mode settings specified for itself. If so, it removes them to ensure that it can work properly on the target system

Changes in version Beta 5 Build 577:

  • Fixing an issue in the ‘Autostart Manager’ where under certain circumstances activating a deactivated startmenu autostart accidentally duplicated the autostart
  • Fixing an issue in the ‘Autostart Manager’ where the list of autostarts automatically changed its size when the mouse was moved over the ‘Activate / Deactivate’ icon
  • Fixing some screen flickering in the ‘Registry Cleanup’ feature that appeared during cleanup
  • Fixing a rare string-to-date conversion issue that occurred on some systems under very specific circumstances
  • Some changes to the Tweak-7 system service in relation to file delete actions which failed on files that were marked as ‘read only’
  • Improved registry cleanup procedure, which was a bit slow in previous builds due to the new progress bar displayed during cleanup
  • Updated Russian language file

Changes in version Beta 5 Build 576:

  • Fixing an issue on the ‘Home’ screen that caused not the right feature to open up when one of the ‘System Status’ links was clicked
  • Fixing an integer conversion bug in the ‘Cache tweaks’ section
  • Some changes to the setup application

Changes in version Beta 5 Build 575:

  • Added a system tray popup alert to inform the user about the system optimization status
  • Added a progress box to the Registry Defragmentation feature which displays the defragmentation progress
  • Added some error handlers catching very rare issues related to corrupted memory and faulty video drivers
  • Several minor changes to the main user interface to better display the user in which section he currently navigates
  • Smoother section transitions
  • Updated language files

Version number 1.0 build 580 RC1
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7
Website TotalIdea Software
File size 22.00MB
License type Freeware