Software Update: Tweak-7 1.0 build 570 beta 5

TotalIdea Software continues to release new versions of Tweak-7 at a rapid pace. This tweaking program is the Windows 7 counterpart of Tweak-XP Pro and TweakVI, which are intended for Windows XP and Vista respectively. Tweak-7 works from the release candidate (build 7100) and can handle both the 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 7. Since the previous release in the Meuktracker, there have been two new releases and the status has been raised to beta 5. Below is what has changed since version 1.0 build 566 beta:

Changes in beta 5 build 570:

  • Improved rendering and loading time of the feature sections
  • Lots of internal improvements and code optimizations for a better and faster UI rendering
  • Improved memory management – Tweak-7 only requires 0.5MB to 3MB RAM while running once initial loading and feature loading has completed
  • A few additional fixes related to non localizable user interface elements
  • Fixing a minor issue in the Registry Cleanup feature where some scan results were not listed as they should

Changes in beta 4 build 567 – June 16th 2009

  • Fixing an issue that caused the ‘Taskbar Tweaks’ feature to shortly appear in the main window on startup if the ‘Fade Taskbar’ feature was active
  • Fixing an issue where upstream and downstream statistics were mixed up in the ‘System Information’ feature
  • Fixing a bug in the ‘Outlook tweaks’ section hat caused an application crash if all file extensions were unblocked and saved
  • Added a ‘Take ownership’ tweak to the ‘Explorer Tweaks’ section
  • A few changes to the ‘Explorer Tweaks’ section to get more room for additional tweaks
  • Some minor user interface changes
  • Some changes to the setup application
  • Updated Russian language file

Version number 1.0 build 570 beta 5
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7
Website TotalIdea Software
File size 22.00MB
License type Freeware