Software Update: TVTool 7.2

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TVTool has been upgraded to version 7.2. This program is used to tweak the TV out of nVidia-based video cards. The release notes with the accompanying changelog look like this:

With this version the multi monitor support of TVTool is almost complete. To achieve that several features have been updated to work properly in multi monitor environments. This includes the context menu function, the resize and zoom window functions. Before we go into detail here is an overview of the …

New features and changes in this version:

  • ‘Play on TV’ context menu option is multi monitor capable.
  • Zoom function is multi-monitor capable. Zoom factors 0.5x and 1x have been added.
  • Automatic initialization of the special resolutions 768×576 and 720×480. No more need for modified *.inf files!
  • The soundcard settings got a LED to show quickly which one is active.
  • HUE control added for BT868/869 and all Philips chips.
  • Negative H-Sync added for Chrontel chips.
  • Resize function has been made multi monitor capable.
  • Curtain mode is multi monitor capable now.
  • Function ‘Direct overlay’ is active in clone mode only anymore.
  • Display detection is improved for multi monitor support.
  • Card detection has been improved. TVTool finds the card with TV-out if multiple nVidia cards are installed.
  • TVTool controls the TV mode in nView mode only, when the green button was pressed.
  • The resolution radio buttons now always reflect the currently active TV mode resolution.
  • Sound balance bug fixed.
  • Dot Crawl reduction was not active, fixed.
  • No color bar option was not saved, fixed.
  • Adaptation to large fonts improved.
  • Several smaller bugs have been fixed!
  • This version has no expiry date anymore.

[break]The makers have a small FAQ put together where every feature is discussed in detail.

Version number 7.2
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website tv tool
file size


License type Shareware
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