Software Update: Total Commander 7.50 RC2

Christian Ghisler has released the second release candidate of version 7.50 of Total Commander. This program can be used as a replacement for Windows Explorer. Splitting the image in half makes it easy to copy files, but the program can do much more. There are various ways to modify files, there is a built-in ftp client and a multi-rename tool, and there is support for a large number of compression formats. Furthermore, the functionality can be extended with plugins.

New in version 7.50 is, among other things, that the ftp passwords can be protected with an aes256 encrypted ‘master password’, that the individual folders in the address bar are clickable (‘breadcrumbs’), and that the internal archive unpacker is now also multi-volume. rar files and rar files with a password. The complete overview of the changes since version 3.00 can be found in this text file are being found. In addition to a series of bug fixes, Chinese language support has been added in this release, increasing the installer to 3.04MB:

Release Total Commander 7.50 RC2

  • Added: Chinese main country language now included by default
  • Fixed: Use Unicode functions to subclass windows, eg when showing the right click context menu
  • Fixed: Selection was lost when switching away from TC and back while quick filter active, even if nothing changed in the directory
  • Fixed: FTP servers which return paths in the form “c:/some/dir” instead of Unix form “/some/dir” didn’t work with queue function of background transfer manager (+ button or F5-F2)
  • Fixed: Changed certificate (used to sign installer and program) to new company name “Ghisler Software GmbH”
  • Fixed: FTP: Chinese UTF-8 names on Chinese Windows were sometimes not detected correctly

Release Total Commander 7.50 RC2 pre 1

  • Fixed: FTP resume upload in foreground -> names of source and target file were not shown
  • Fixed: In place rename: ENTER+ESC didn’t work when renaming file after changing path with in place edit
  • Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Do not close dropdown list when user releases mouse over up/down arrow panels, only during drag&drop
  • Fixed: Some message dialogs couldn’t be shown after copying in the foreground (because file dialog handle wasn’t reset to 0)
  • Fixed: Auto-refresh file list when switching away from TC and back also when a quick filter is active (and keep the filter active)
  • Fixed: Accessing UNC paths longer than 259 characters didn’t work. Reason: They require a DIFFERENT prefix in the form ?UNCpath
  • Fixed: When moving files/dirs to a new directory, do not simply copy the security attributes from the folder. Instead, set empty security attributes and “inherit” flag
  • Fixed: Quick filter (Ctrl+S) couldn’t be removed in virtual folders with F2/Ctrl+R (reread source)
  • Fixed: Do not try to get per file icons for files desktop.ini and target.lnk in directories which are part of a virtual folder (attribute set to read only or system, contains file desktop.ini)
  • Fixed: “Delete” menu item missing in separate tree
  • Fixed: Ctrl+Up arrow on LNK pointing to deleted destination could cause an access violation
  • Fixed: Now using MS VC++ 6.0 instead of Watcom C++ for installer, because it didn’t work for one user
  • Fixed: Reduce flicker or right click cursor progress bar when moving mouse
  • Fixed: Drag&Drop: Cursor could lose its attached file icon when not moved for a while over the target panel
  • Fixed: Watchdirs didn’t correctly handle external quick filter dll (tcmatch.dll)
  • Fixed: If IViewAdditionalTypes was longer than supported, the types could be cut in the middle, so a wrong search could result (eg *.cdr could be cut as *.c or just * when length reached)
  • Fixed: Internal associations: Current path wasn’t set before starting an external program when an association menu was shown (open=* option)
  • Fixed: Click on locked tab would open new tab if DrivesShowUpcase=1, but the tab is stored with a lowercase drive letter
  • Fixed: Watchdirs may miss some files in right panel if both panels show the same dir, and 100s of file changes are reported in a short time
  • Fixed: Standalone synchronize dirs: The title bar was cleared when sync copy ended while the dialog was in the background
  • Fixed: Files – Split file: Option “Delete files on target disk” no longer worked (it should work on removable disks only)
  • Fixed: Some dialog box controls were no longer translated: Tab in packed file info dialog, some comboboxes in main configuration dialog after changing language and click on “Apply”, Configure custom sounds, Run minimized in button bar dialog
  • Fixed: Resource leak when creating Unicode controls from non-Unicode window class -> Windows seems to create one extra USER object each time
  • Fixed: Right click context menu, Windows 64bit: X64 submenu wasn’t available in current path or drive right click menu
  • Fixed: Right click context menu, Windows 64bit: X64 submenu not working on virtual folders -> make it work for those which can be resolved to a real path
  • Fixed: Windows 7: Progress bar in taskbar icon remained after clicking “background”, pausing and then canceling the operation
  • Fixed: Couldn’t auto-disconnect ftp on suspend, which could crash some VPN software -> wincmd.ini DisconnectOnSuspend=0 with 0=no, 1=disconnect all ftp, 2=disconnect ftp+fs plugins, 3=both
  • Fixed: FTP delete in background transfer manager didn’t consider the “FTP show hidden files” option, so files in subdirs starting with a dot couldn’t be deleted
  • Fixed: Synchronize dirs, load list of “only selected” from file: Last item in list could be ignored if the list was using Unicode and didn’t end with a line break
  • Fixed: Dual monitors, button bar: ToolTip was shown on wrong screen when using keyboard interface
  • Fixed: FTP, Synchronize dirs: Warn the user only once about files with same name but difference case (eg ‘a’ and ‘A’), even if there are multiple
  • Fixed: Hotkeys were not translated (Ctrl->Strg) in German Lister
  • Fixed: ToolTip was shown for directories containing a dot although none should be shown, because the text after the dot was seen as an extension

Version number 7.50 RC2
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Ghisler
File size 3.04MB
License type Shareware