Software update: Tixati 2.76

Version 2.76 of Tixati has been released. Tixati is a comprehensive and efficient bittorrent client for Windows and Linux with support for dht, magnet links and rss feeds. The program provides extensive information about all aspects of the download and the incoming and outgoing network traffic. Downloads are available for Windows and Linux and the program does not show any ads. The changelog for this release looks like this:

Changes in version 2.76:

  • Tracker timing improvements, colors for status column
  • Added default tracker merge option to Settings > User Interface > Duplicate transfer prompt
  • Major improvements to the channel ban / moderation system
  • Added /banaddrmode off/on/wide/vwide to set the default address masking options when using /ban
  • Added /banignored off/on to automatically ban users that you ignore
  • Added /unbanunignored off/on to automatically unban users that you unignore
  • Improved channel connection cert selection, eliminated connection problems when user re-joins after ban and unban
  • User ignore/unignore are propagated to all other channels where that user is present, and also the contact list
  • From search results, a user can be right-clicked and ignored
  • Ignored users are indicated in red in search results
  • Added /banid /widebanid /vwidebanid command to ban user by it’s ID, which can be copied by right-clicking
  • Clicking a user name in the main chat view while holding the Ctrl key will paste the user’s name into the message entry box
  • Clicking a user in the main chat view while holding the Ctrl+Shift keys will paste the user’s ID into the message entry box
  • Added Copy Name option to user right-click menu in chat view
  • User name change and level change notifications in chat view are toggled on/off using /notify command, along with join/leave
  • More aggressive channel DHT search intervals during first few minutes of operation, especially for owner/manager/op/mod
  • Improvements to channel status messages
  • Several new hotkeys added
  • Ctrl-F in transfers view will show filter bar, depress the filter button, and set focus to the filter edit box
  • ESC on the filter bar edit box will clear all text
  • F2 to edit any selected tracker, file, or transfer
  • The delete key will delete any selected transfer, including it’s files, subject to confirmation if not using OS recycle bin
  • In trackers tab or main transfer view, the delete key will remove any selected tracker
  • Ctrl-C in search view to copy links of selected results
  • Ctrl-C in channels list view to copy links of selected channels
  • Ctrl-V in channels list view to create a new channel from link on clipboard
  • Enter key in many tree views is equivalent to a double-click on the current selection
  • Updated double-click defaults in Settings > User Interface > Behavior > Double-click actions
  • Active tab in transfer / peer / RSS property windows is now saved
  • Rewrote Linux GTK tab-view sizing algorithm so that tabs can be shrunk to the minimum size for only the showing tab
  • Added edit box colors and new tracker status colors to the custom colors selection in Settings > User Interface > Custom Colors
  • Updated IP location tables

Version number 2.76
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
Website tixati
License type Freeware