Software Update: TaskJuggler 2.4.1 / 2.4.2 beta1

Taskjuggler is an open source project management tool. It has an extensive package of functions on board with which various things can be arranged. It helps you plan resources, costs, risks and communication to complete the project. The program can export the entered information to csv, html and xml so that it can be used in other applications. For an overview of various screenshots, we refer you to this page. The developers have released Taskjuggler 2.4.1 and the first beta of Taskjuggler 2.4.2 with the following announcement and list of changes:

TaskJuggler 2.4.2_beta1 has been released

Hello TaskJuggler users!

I’ve just tagged and uploaded the first beta version of the upcoming 2.4.2 release. The last stable release was made more than one year ago. During this time, a number of bugs have been found and fixed. There are also some new features that have been added. Before we make 2.4.2 official, I’d like to run one or two beta versions.

The changes since the last release should be pretty safe. I’d expect a smooth upgrade from previous versions. Please download the beta release and report all issues to the developer forum:

The release can be downloaded from the TaskJuggler download page:

This is the git change log since 2.4.2. A big thanks to all the contributors!

Chris Schlaeger (38):

  • Added support for ‘accounts’ columns in reports.
  • Add ‘accounts’ column to interactive reports as well.
  • Fix crash on template dialog with some older Qt versions.
  • Properly report summary columns in CVS account reports and use separators for all columns.
  • Fix manual error reported by coyote_x.
  • Add changes suggested by coyote_x.
  • Added logical expression function ‘isDependencyOf()’.
  • Get rid of some empty *.cpp files.
  • The sum in CSV account reports was wrong.
  • Fix ICal bug with missing start times on certain tasks.
  • Revert “Kill some redundant checks.”
  • Added some more checks to prevents crashes in the GUI.
  • No need to create an empty ExpressionTree. 0 will do fine as well.
  • Don’t overwrite table frames with alternating background in print
  • Fix crash when the UI is started with a project without reports.
  • Add support for misaligned time zones.
  • Don’t use the historic time zone names. They cause problems on BSDs.
  • Remove more historic time zones.
  • Fixed a booking related bug.
  • Correct description of legal ID characters.
  • Mark version as snapshot release.
  • Fixed problem with completion degree reporting.
  • Fixed crash for vacation date outside of project.
  • Add last fix to change log.
  • Attempt to contain rounding errors.
  • Fix duration tasks with bookings.
  • Improved version of last patch.
  • More improvements for the duration + bookings code.
  • Get rid of ugly DOS line breaks.
  • Another refinement of the duration-booking code.
  • Make sure booking tasks align with timing resolution.
  • Adapt example to new algorithm.
  • There is no difference for duration task with bookings.

George Hoffmann (3):

  • Fixed possible values ​​for sloppy in the reference from 0-3 to 0-2.
  • Added a dash between dates to meet TJ 2.4.1 date interval syntax.
  • Corrected date tool shortcut in ‘Tip of the day’ message.

Ray Lehtiniemi (13):

  • Make example installation work with –prefix.
  • Dead code removal
  • Use initializer list
  • Fix several crashes with repeated rescheduling.
  • Missed a Kotrus variable
  • Use local vars to reduce code clutter.
  • Kill some redundant checks.
  • Loosen report Def pointer type to eliminate a static cast.
  • Use Report::generate() virtual function to dispatch reports.
  • Constify getTable() to eliminate some const_cast() calls.
  • Kill a bunch of unneeded static_cast
  • Cache return value in local var
  • Dead code

Rene Kuettner (1):

  • Change error for missing ICal support to warning.

Stefan Kamphausen (1):

  • added a new bagjuggler emacs mode

j.taskjugg… (4):

  • Added double and middle click facility in interactive report
  • Added complements info in task and resource Details window
  • Added taskbarprefix and taskbarpostfix
  • Updated documentation for taskbarprefix and taskbarpostfix.

Version 2.4.1:

  • Fixed a serious bug in the optimizer part of the scheduling algorithm. When many tasks had the same priority, the path criticalness was not always respected resulting in longer running projects than necessary. The effect mostly showed under heavy resource pressure.
  • Add taskroot support for XML reports.
  • The task outlines in the UI resource reports have been replaced with relative load bars. One can now see what load is assigned to what resource at which point of time.
  • Fixed calculation of effort based values ​​in group task line items or resource reports.
  • The isChildOf() function no longer returns true for self.
  • Use alternating background pattern for Gantt chart to enhance readability.
  • Make tasks and resources in Gantt charts selectable and enable RMB menu to edit and view them quickly.
  • Added filter for GUI report list items.
  • The report interval of interactive reports can now be changed from the GUI temporarily.
  • Fixed the coloring of completed part of a container task in HTML task reports.
  • Added new column scheduling, completedeffort and remainingeffort to reports. The first shows the scheduling direction of tasks and can be used to find potential sources for priority inversions. The other two show the task effort that has been completed already and the remaining effort.
  • iCalendar files are now properly encoded when Unicode characters are used.
  • The hasAssignment() function for logical expressions now properly accepts 3 parameters as documented.
  • Enable taskroot support for csvtaskreports as well.
  • Fixed a serious bug in the floating point formatter. Zeros right after the decimal separator were lost.
  • Fixed display of progress bar in GUI Gantt chart. It sometimes extended the task bar in higher zooms.
  • Changed the how-to-contribute section of the manual to use git instead of subversion. We no longer accept non-git patches now.
  • Added ‘criticalpath’ attribute to task scenario section of XML reports.
  • Fixed handling of multiple allocation with same mandatory resource set.
  • Added new Pertt chart generator from Gregoire Barbier to the contrib directory.
  • Improved the scheduling heuristic to generate projects with overall smaller project durations.
  • New report column hierarchy level was included.
  • Hotkey for date/time picker in the GUI editor has been remapped to CTRL-SHIFT-T to avoid a conflict with built-in CTRL-D.
  • Fixed sorting of resources in GUI resource reports.
  • Unicode characters in macros no longer get corrupted.

Version number 2.4.1 / 2.4.2 beta1
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, macOS
Website TaskJuggler
License type GPL