Software Update: Tails 4.6

Tails stands for “The amnesic incognito live system” and is a live Linux distribution that focuses on privacy and anonymity. It uses Debian GNU/Linux as its base and adds a Gnome environment with Tor, Tor Browser, Pidgin, Thunderbird, Electrum, LibreOffice, GPG and KeePassXC. For more information, please refer to this page. The development team has released version 4.6, which includes support for universal 2fa-usb sticks.

Changes and updates

  • Update Tor Browser to 9.0.10.
  • Add support for Universal 2nd Factor USB security keys.
  • Update the list of applications in the Favorites applications submenu.
    To make it easier for new users to discover some of the core features of Tails, we added Configure persistent volume, Tails documentation, WhisperBack Error Reporting, and Tails Installer and removed Terminal.
  • Change the input method for Japanese from Anthy to Mozc. (#16719)

Known issues

None specific to this release.

For more details, read our changelog.

Version number 4.6
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website tails
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)