Software Update: SystemRescueCd 6.0.4

SystemRescueCd is a self-starting Linux environment for managing or repairing a system and data after a crash. It is intended to easily perform admin tasks such as creating and editing hard drive partitions. It comes with various programs such as GParted, fsarchiver, filesystem tools, editors, midnight commander and network tools. It can be used for both Linux and Windows computers and does not require installation, but it is possible. The kernel supports all major file systems such as ext3/ext4, xfs, btrfs, reiserfs, jfs, vfat, ntfs, and network file systems such as Samba and NFS. The changelog of the past few versions can be found below.

Changes in version 6.0.4:

  • Updated kernel to Long-Term-Supported linux-4.19.91
  • Updated XFCE graphical environment to version 4.14
  • Updated parted to 3.3 and gparted to 1.0.0
  • Updated Grub boot loader to version 2.04
  • Enabled the iptables service to block incoming traffic by default
  • Added boot option “nofirewall” to disable the iptables services
  • Removed dhcpcd to avoid conflict with network-manager/dhclient

Changes in version 6.0.3:

  • Updated kernel to Long-Term-Supported linux-4.19.34
  • Updated firefox to the ESR (Extended Support Release) version
  • Added packages: growpart, grsync

Changes in version 6.0.2:

  • Updated kernel to Long-Term-Supported linux-4.19.24
  • Added packages: borg, nwipe, lshw, zerofree, joe, rkhunter, strace
  • Replaced Notepadqq graphical editor with FeatherPad to save space

Changes in version 6.0.1:

  • Updated kernel to Long-Term-Supported linux-4.19.20
  • Reintroduced autorun service to run scripts automatically at boot time
  • Changed filesystem label so it fits in FAT filesystem labels for UEFI booting
  • Enabled sshd service and re-introduced support for option rootpass=xxxx
  • Added support for rootcryptpass=xxxx boot option to set encrypted root passwords

Changes in version 6.0.0:

  • System is now based on ArchLinux and built using archiso and its dependencies
  • Kernel and user space programs are now fully 64 bit (dropped 32bit support)
  • Boot options are the ones provided by new upstream rather than old version
  • Graphical environment based on xorg-1.20.3 and xfce-4.12
  • Implemented “setkmap=xx” option on the boot command line to setup keyboard
  • Updated kernel to Long-Term-Supported linux-4.19.19
  • Updated filesystem tools: e2fsprogs-1.44.5, xfsprogs-4.19.0, btrfs-progs-4.19.1
  • Updated disk tools: gparted-0.33.0, lvm2-2.02.183

Version number 6.0.4
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website SystemRescueCd
File size


License type GPL