Software update: SyncBackFree

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2Brightsparks has released version from SyncBackFree. This program is the simplest and therefore also the free implementation of the backup software that this company has on offer. In addition to backing up, SyncBackFree can synchronize data. This can be done to a location on the same or another disk, or to another medium, such as a CD-RW or USB stick, or to an FTP server or zip archive.

In addition to this free version, there are SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro which offer additional functionality for 45 and 62 euro respectively. From version 8 there is also added a Lite version for a price of 23 euros. In this edition, the following changes and improvements have been made:


  • (SE / Pro): -copy command line parameter to copy profiles
  • In About window you can send an email to your Customer Account Portal


  • Roaming shortcuts that were causing problems with Start Menu in Windows 10 are now deleted automatically
  • When files are stored in root folder
  • 19659005] Copying sparse files using SyncBack copy methods sometimes […]
  • (SE / Pro): If Upgrade Assurance was canceled it was showing it as expired even when still valid
  • (Pro): When creating new cloud profile it was using the linked account always
  • (Pro): Was not automatically reconnecting to SBMS service if connection lost
  • (Pro): Fix AV bug in BackBlaze B2 when token expires due to time
  • (Pro): Ignore large files on BackBlaze B2

(Pro): Any failed large file uploads to BackBlaze B2 old Than 7 days will be deleted at the end of a profile run

  • Update checks will use proxy settings if available
  • Runtime Intelligence now uses Google Analytics
  • When running or removing profiles to run the parallel checkbox is disabled automatically if the group profile contains another group
  • Help file


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