Software Update: Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.7.0

Symantec Messaging Gateway is a product for securing incoming and outgoing mail flows. It builds on Brightmail, which was acquired by Symantec in 2004. Although that happened more than fifteen years ago, the old name is still mentioned in the product with the addition ‘powered by Brightmail’. The program offers anti-spam and anti-malware options, advanced content filtering and data loss prevention, and also offers encryption options by integrating with Symantec encryption products. SMG can be run on a companion hardware appliance or virtually in VMware or Hyper-V. Version 10.7.0 has been released with the following changes:

Symantec Messaging Gateway 10.7 Release Notes and Late Breaking News

Warning: Potential Update Issues
Due to the current issues with update to 10.7.0, please be certain to follow software update best practices including backing up configuration and delivering all messages from the queues prior to update.

  • TECH254636 – Messaging Gateway does not pass the grub bootloader after upgrade to 10.7.0
  • TECH254647 – Kernel panic following update to Messaging Gateway 10.7.0
  • TECH254866 – Messaging Gateway 10.7 stops processing email

Issues addressed with the 10.7 release

  • Addresses issues related to Security Advisory SYMSA1482
  • TECH254200 – Messaging Gateway audit logging shows “Processing status” when unlicensed
  • TECH254201 – Cannot reroute a queued message in Messaging Gateway
  • TECH254202 – Messaging Gateway stops sending Message Audit data to remote syslog server
  • TECH254203 – Lost password recovery not functioning in Messaging Gateway 10.6.6
  • TECH254206 – Messaging Gateway does not send CSV files to Threat Defense / CAS
  • TECH254207 – Unable to copy submitter ID from one control center to another control center
  • TECH254210 – Some URLs not modified by Modify Clickable URL policy
  • TECH254213 – Spreadsheets embedded in Word docs are not True-typed as “Spreadsheet Document”
  • TECH254217 – Warning and error messages logged during update to Messaging Gateway 10.7
  • TECH254243 – Moonshine service not accessible from the command line ‘service’ command
  • TECH254244 – Failure unmounting Configuration file system during system reboot
  • TECH254245 – ‘[ERROR] mysqld: Table “./brightmail/xxxxxxxx” is marked as crashed and should be repaired’ during upgrade to SMG 10.7

Outstanding Issues

  • TECH254208 – Unable to remove policy group from Bounce Attack Prevention policy
  • TECH254209 – Dashboard “All scanners accessibe” does not properly indicate scanner accessibility
  • TECH254211 – Email Messages: Total Message Size report always shows same value
  • TECH254212 – A specific incoming message causes “421 4.4.2 service timed out” error in Messaging Gateway
  • TECH254214 – SMIME-encrypted email is not True-typed as PGP encrypted
  • TECH254215 – Messaging Gateway 10.7 antivirus does not report UTF-8 filenames consistently
  • TECH254204 – Local Bad Sender Domains wildcard domains do not match as expected
  • TECH254756 – RSA key command line authentication fails following update to SMG 10.7.0
  • TECH254710 – Console or Control Center authentication issues following update to SMG 10.7
  • TECH254881 – Messages with long reply threads treated as Unscannable: due to limits exceeded
  • TECH254963 – Messaging Gateway on Hyper-V loses network connectivity when number of CPUs is changed

Version number 10.7.0
Release status Final
Website Symantec
License type Paid