Software Update: Suse Linux 10.0 OSS beta 4

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SUSE Linux 10.0 OSS beta 4, codenamed ‘provo’, was released by the OpenSuse community. This user-friendly Linux distribution gives users a variety of options, such as browsing the web, sending email, chatting, managing digital photos, playing movie and sound files, and more. In the OSS version of this distribution, ‘OSS’ stands for Open-Source Software, which means that all non-open-source components are absent in this version. This includes the Sun Java Runtime Environment, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Macromedia Flash Player and components that depend on them, such as, which in turn depends on Java. Java can be installed afterwards in this version by this source to the repositories file. Suse Linux 10.0 OSS beta 4 is a so-called Development Build and is equipped with the latest bleeding-edge packages, but can be unstable because of this. A list of the most annoying known bugs is available† The changelog can be found on the first CD or can be downloaded here as a 4.57MB text file.

Screenshot, clickable

Version number 10.0 beta 4
Operating systems Linux
Website OpenSuse
File size


License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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