Software Update: SuperKaramba 0.36

SuperKaramba is a program for the KDE environment on the Linux platform that allows users to create interactive eye candy. You can use your own theme or text files in which a widget is described. Optionally, you can make your widget interactive with a script written in Python. XMMS BarTuxBar and V . station are examples of the possible ‘eye candy’ that can be made. Since a few days, version 0.36 is available with the following changes:

Changes in 0.36:

  • Removed all the compile warnings.
  • Update superkaramba to check for Python2.4.
  • Update so that automake up through version 1.9.x can generate configure/Makefile scripts.
  • Convert from UCS4 to UCS2 if python uses 4 byte unicode chars.
  • …and more optimization and bug fixes.

Changes in 0.35:

  • Ryan (p0z3r), Petri, Ivica, and Sarah have done all the work on this release! Thanks!
  • many new APIs
  • new callbacks
  • DCOP interface for superkaramba
  • multiple super karambas / one systray support
  • added Fahrenheit support
  • fixed the “moving themes” problem
  • fixed the “always on top” problem
  • fixed bug in setMenuConfigOption(). Please see api.html for the new syntax.
  • asynchronous image loading. setImagePath() should now work with networked/remote files.
  • fixed bug in meterClicked()
  • fixed bug in setRichTextWidth() and getRichTextSize()
  • much more code cleanup, bug fixes, and internal documentation

Version number 0.36
Operating systems Linux
Website SuperKaramba
File size


License type GPL