Software Update: SUMo 5.9

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KC Softwares has released version 5.6 of SUMo. SUMo, which stands for Software Update Monitor, is a program that scans the computer for existing software and then checks whether newer versions are available. By installing a driver agent can also check for new drivers. The free version only tells you which programs have a newer version available, downloading the update and updating is something you have to do yourself manually. This makes it especially useful for people who want to keep control over which updates they do or do not want to install. The default installer includes an optional advertising module, but there are also a lite– and a portableversion available, in which it is not included. The following changes have been made in this release:


  • 0005397: Support for “check and scan” requests from cloud
  • 0005333: SUMo Online
  • 0003045: Google Search by right click menu


  • 0005443: translation error in German menu
  • 0005440: Wrong version reported for CrystalDiskInfo
  • 0005408: Win XP Beta 418 missing dcrypt.dll
  • 0005401: Win XP app fails to start — missing bcrypt.dll
  • 0005441: Title bar mismatch: Typo. “Updates” should be “Updates”
  • 0005415: Remote actions support and heartbeat (online/offline) not switched on/off until restart of SUMo
  • 0005381: “Intel Driver & Support Assistant” no longer detected
  • 0005375: “Ashampoo Snap 8” wrong detection
  • 0005250: “Free Video to Flash Converter” detected as “Free All Converter by DVDVideoSoft”
  • 0005261: Unable to add “IOBit Uninstaller Portable”


  • 0005448: Updated German translation
  • 0005403: If “check” following a request from Cloud, status shall be reported to cloud, even if no change (to update last check time)
  • 0005402: “Check / Extended Check” status (enabled) discrepancy
  • 0005301: “Adobe Inc.” wrong detection
  • 0005396: “FengTao Software Inc.” to be renamed as “”
  • 0005304: Missing item in french translation
  • 0005390: “ownCloud” company name rationalization
  • 0005307: Update ICS library to 8.59 and OpenSSL to 1.1.1b
  • 0005108: Ashampoo Undeleter not detected properly
  • 0005342: All subproducts of EasyBCD in \bin\ subfolder should be filtered out
  • 0005372: “QNAP” multiple detection
  • 0005373: “SUMo Online / Configure / Need new account ? Click here” leads to wrong page
  • 0005346: Updated Polish translation
  • 0005339: “vncpipehelper.exe” to be filtered out
  • 0005245: Flexera company name rationalization
  • 0005300: “Steinberg Media Technologies” company name rationalization

Version number 5.9
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website KC Softwares
File size


License type Freeware/Paid
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