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Sulu is a content management system built on Symfony, a php web application framework. For more information about the how and what we refer to this page. The Sulu development team has released versions 2.1.0 and 2.0.9. The accompanying announcement and list of changes look like this:

Sulu Release 2.1.0 & 2.0.9

We’re delighted to announce the full Sulu 2.1 Release is now available. We had two release candidates before this and since RC2 didn’t generate many issues, it’s almost untouched as our new version 2.1. So if you’ve been upgrading and testing all along, there will be no surprises. Our blog post about Sulu 2.1 RC1 has details of the new features, such as nested blocks. In this release post, we’ll give you a quick overview and update.

Full support for Symphony 5!
The most important change since the first release candidate is the full support of Symfony 5. We know that Symfony developers always want to use the most recent features of their beloved framework, therefore we always try to be compatible with the latest version as soon as possible .

We had already done everything we could in the RC1, but some of our dependencies were not compatible with Symfony 5. We contributed some fixes to them, but we had to wait for them to appear in a stable release since this was not in our hprobablyands . This was actually also one of the reasons our roughly half-year release cycle got delayed by so much. We wanted to make sure that the Symfony 5 support landed in this release because otherwise, you would have had to wait for another 6 months before enjoying the new and shiny Symfony features.

Nested blocks, filtering lists, and deep links
These are the new features of this release, included since the first 2.1 release candidate, so check out this release blog post, where they are explained in more detail.

I still want to quickly summarize what problems these features are solving:

  • Nested blocks allow developers to avoid snippets or other structures when elements should be repeatable within blocks.
  • Filtering lists by certain columns enable content managers to handle data more efficiently.
  • Deep links in referencing field types lead to a smoother navigation experience for the content manager and therefore improves the UX.

Further improvements and bug fixes
This release also contains all the bug fixes being released in Sulu 1.6 and 2.0, including the fixes from Sulu 2.0.9. We released these at the same time — they are mostly typing and continuous integration errors, which should not affect you. But it also adds the missing publish icons in the list view of the pages and fixes the usage of a SingleMediaSelection field type as a search field.

In addition to that, there have been two more fixes since RC1, related to the update of Symfony. These issues have been found through our release process including release candidates, and we have to thank our community for testing their applications with them already. you are awesome!

The first issue was about a deprecated controller from Twig, which was removed in Symfony 5. Since we are still supporting Symfony 4 as well, we’ve had to handle that in a special way.

Another issue was discovered by our community member Pablo Lozano. When any error happened, the actual error was not shown in the browser, because the error template itself erred while rendering the error (that’s a lot of errors…). Thank you, Pablo, for also fixing this issue on your own.

Follow the instructions in our documentation in order to upgrade to Sulu 2.1. Don’t forget to read our file; it contains all the changes that might break your application.

And although this is the final release, it is not too late to give us some feedback using GitHub issues or our Slack channel. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Version number 2.1.0 / 2.0.9
Release status Final
Operating systems script language
Website sulu
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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