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Subtitle Edit is an open source program for creating, editing, synchronizing and converting subtitles. Support is available for more than 250 different formats and the program can be used in more than thirty languages. It is being developed for Windows, but can also be used under Mono by using Mono Linux are used. Version 3.6.7 has been released with the following changes and improvements:


  • Add custom “continuation style”
  • Add Icelandic language auto detect
  • More options for “Modify selection”
  • CLI change output-file-name
  • Add Polish speech recognition vosk/kaldi model
  • Add Japanese large speech rec vosk/kaldi model
  • Add Netflix Chinese profile
  • Fix casing of some German nouns after audio-to-text
  • Add toolbar icon for WebVTT properties
  • Add shortcut for toggle between text box and waveform
  • Add shortcuts for go to next/prev and focus waveform
  • Export audio for selected lines
  • Audio to text for selected lines
  • Add “Calc cps only wihout space/punctuation”
  • Add “{gap}” to custom text export


  • Update Polish translation
  • Update Bulgarian translation
  • Update Chinese translation
  • Update Italian translation
  • Update Russian translation
  • Update portuguese translation
  • Update Korean translation
  • Update Finnish translation
  • Update French translation
  • Update Brazilian Portuguese translation
  • Update Greek translation
  • Update Vosk to v0.3.42
  • Update Tesseract OCR to 5.2.0
  • Minor improvements for compare
  • Improve top alignment capture for bdsup
  • Improve DCinema 2010
  • Add taskbar progress bar for audio to text
  • Warn about duplicate style names in ASSA/SSA
  • Improve keeping original bd sup colors
  • Spell check can now have “SE” word list (besides user words)
  • Separate “Word lists” to own menu item
  • Add bit rate info for burn-in two pass
  • Fix obsolete ffmpeg param “-vol”
  • Use current audio track for audio-to-text


  • Fix crash in “Remove text for HI”
  • Fix crash in “Fix music notation”
  • Fix crash in “Fix music notation”
  • Fix crash in save as ASSA after SSA
  • Fix crash in compare export
  • Fix visual sync crash
  • Fix crash in export ssa styles w dup style name
  • Fix crash in bd sup edit when changing color/resolution/alpha
  • Fix crash in generate blank video with no sub loaded
  • Fix crash in post processing after vosk/kaldi
  • Fix crash in “duration, bridge gaps”
  • Fix crash (somewhat) calling GDI w many/special chars
  • Fix for remove ASSA line as empty
  • Fix for finding delay in mkv
  • Fix bd sup edit quick OCR
  • Fix reading QuickTime text with < 5 lines
  • Fix minor issue for import plain text
  • Fix for “Save as” with “default save as format” after mkv
  • Fix issues with NQC shot change rules
  • Fix for going to with SMPTE

Version number 3.6.7
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
License type GPL
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