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Subtitle Edit is an open source program with which subtitles can be created, edited, synchronized and converted. Support is provided for more than 250 different formats and the program can be used in more than thirty languages. It is being developed for Windows, but by using Mono it can also be used under Linux are used. Version 3.6.3 has been released and the following changes and improvements have been made:


  • Car set ASSA resolution
  • Icon for plugin “ASSA Draw”
  • New sub format
  • New sub-format (json)
  • Add read support for “combined ttml” files
  • Add read support for Audacity label format
  • Save SMPTE video time mode for recent files
  • Prompt some TTML files regarding SMPTE time mode
  • New shortcuts for merge – the Leon
  • New shortcut for calc duration by CPS
  • Custom alignment values ​​for format “iTunesTimedText”
  • Show ASSA style icon + ASSA prop icon for SSA
  • Add UI option to allow single letter/digit shortcut in text box


  • Update Greek translation
  • Update Chinese translation
  • Update Bulgarian translation
  • Update Hungarian translation
  • Update Portuguese translation
  • Update Italian translation
  • Update French translation
  • Update Korean translation
  • Add progress for “Generate video w burned-in subs”
  • Add more settings for “Generate video w burned-in subs”
  • Improve SSA styling/preview – thxfiolek2000
  • Allow .ismt files up to 50 mb
  • Allow some malformed WebVTT
  • Make BD Sup open action configurable (OCR or edit)
  • Do not use ILRepack – to avoid anti-virus warnings
  • Add “Clear” key to list of available shortcut keys
  • Refresh text in mpv when changing RTL mode
  • Improve detect of video info
  • Improve read or PNS format
  • Improve split with ASSA tags
  • Improve drag’n’drop to list view with istm format
  • Ignore text between {} when spell checking ASSA/SSA
  • Try avoid set mpv volume to 0
  • Improve waveform move element performance
  • Optimize list view “Replace all”
  • Improve mouse wheel scrolling in waveform when locked/centered
  • Update/clean nuget packages
  • Allow large angles in ASSA styles window
  • Remove shortcut action limit for duration a few places
  • Update Tesseract 5 alpha 2021-08-11 to RC1 2021-10-30
  • Prefer FFmpeg over VLC for extracting audio
  • Include favorite formats in “reset”
  • Auto-load audio files


  • Fix tag style converting from/to ASSA
  • Fix “Title bar text” when translating
  • Fix culture name for French translation
  • Fix waveform multiple select error
  • Fix issue with “Merge short lines” in “batch convert”
  • Fix waveform multiple select crash
  • Fix broken “Duplicate line” shortcut
  • Fix crash in reading .ismt
  • Fix for PAC italic w missing space
  • Fix switched total labels in RTL mode w original subtitle
  • Rollback max #lines enforce (now hidden setting)
  • Take first audio track when loading wave form
  • Fix issue with waveform original out of sync
  • Fix “Set start and set end of prev” when playing
  • Fix “Set end minus gap, go to next and start next here”
  • Fix for mpc-hc not showing video
  • Add timeout for main win regex search
  • Fix crash in “Batch convert – Auto balance”
  • Fix for recent files after convert format
  • Fix for Blu-ray .sup noisy transparent border in VLC
  • Fix gap syntax coloring issue
  • Fix “Remove text for hi” issue with colon/dashes

Version number 3.6.3
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
file size


License type GPL
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