Software update: Subtitle Edit 3.6.1

Subtitle Edit is an open source program with which subtitles can be created, edited, synchronized and converted. Support is available for over 250 different formats and the program can be used in more than thirty languages. It is being developed for Windows, but by using Mono it can also be used under Linux are used. Version 3.6.1 has been released and the changelog looks like this:


  • Add “Subtitle formats” settings
  • ASSA attachments manager
  • Add Categories in ASSA style manager
  • Auto load ASSA styles for new files
  • Add support for attached fonts in ASSA style manager
  • Add “Apply” button in ASSA style manager
  • Allow multiple selection in ASSA style manager
  • Add bookmarks to modify selection
  • Add shortcut for toggling video controls on / off
  • Add “Show / hide waveform” shortcut
  • Add “Move parts after cursor position to next subtitle” shortcut
  • Add a quick way to remove blank lines via shortcut
  • Add “Set start, offset all” shortcut
  • Add export to csv or bookmarks
  • Add basic read support or .mcc files
  • Add toggle quotes and HI tags shortcuts


  • Update Polish translation
  • Update Bulgarian translation
  • Update Chinese translation
  • Update Spanish translations
  • Update Romanian translation
  • Update Basque translation
  • Update Korean translation
  • Update Portuguese translation
  • Update Greek translation
  • Update Turkish translation
  • Minor tweaks for font / appearance settings
  • Only set listview backcolor if visual styles enabled
  • Optimize merge lines with same text / time
  • Minor update or icon / install image
  • Save translate merge options
  • Allow some errors when reading mkv files
  • Improve Bulgarian language auto detect
  • A few improvements for EDL / CLIPNAME
  • Allow hex color paste in advanced color dialog
  • Improve labels in “Show earlier / later”
  • Make “load second subtitle” work with more subtitle formats
  • Improve compare colors for dark theme
  • Minor UI improvements for nOCR character inspect
  • Add “Clear” to “File – Recent files”
  • Make bd sup edit work better with full frame images
  • Point sync now also works on original subtitle
  • Keep Text box height when resizing
  • Add “Slovenian” to language auto detect
  • Update Tesseract 5 Alpha to “2021-05-06”
  • Add French letters in OCR char inspect
  • Handle Unicode control char in “Remove empty lines”


  • Fix for unwanted line copy with alt + arrow-up / down fast
  • Fix for reading bdsup position
  • Fix a few crashes in translation engine
  • Fix mpv dll loading from a folder with eg cyrillic chars
  • Fix for EBU time code writing
  • Fix show (correct) EBU properties for current file
  • Fix non-ASCII chars when enc 20269 is unavailable (Linux)
  • Fix a crash in RTL when activating syntax coloring
  • Fix auto translate shortcut
  • Some fixes for editing source view
  • Fix bug converting vtt two line color text to srt
  • Fix FCE issue w missing spaces / French language
  • Fix crash in karaoke / typewriter effect due to invalid color
  • Fix spell check replace with Unicode hidden spaces
  • Netflix quality check – use current frame rate

Version number 3.6.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, Windows 8, Windows 10
File size


License type GPL