Software Update: Strawberry Music Player 1.0.6

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Version 1.0.6 of Strawberry Music Player has been released. This media player is based on source code from Clementine, which in turn was based on Amarok version 1.4. Strawberry Music Player is not only developed for Linux, but also for Windows and macOS. The player is characterized by its ease of use, speed and many opportunities. The Windows version is available in two flavors. Functionally they are the same, but one is with Microsoft Visual C++ compiled, the other with MinGW. The changelog for version 1.0.6 looks like this:


  • Add songs to the collection even when they have invalid ctime or mtime.
  • Made ListenBrainz scrobbler respect “Prefer album artist” option (#989).
  • Send track duration, number, player name and version when scrobbling to ListenBrainz (#995).
  • (macOS) Added missing HLS streaming plugin.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed certain albums not added to playlist in correct track order from search for Tidal and QObuz.
  • Fixed songs not added to playlist in numeric order when added from file view with right click (#977).
  • Fixed “Stop after this track” graying out next track in dynamic mode (#912).
  • Fixed a gstreamer caps leak when transcoding songs.
  • Fixed errors in translation files (#994).

Version number 1.0.6
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Strawberry Music Player
File size


License type GPL
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